1st Regiment, South Carolina Mounted Militia

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Brief History

Joseph H. Crute, Jr.'s book, "Units of the Confederate States Army", contains no history for this unit. This regiment most likely transferred into another regiment or was combined with another regiment to create a new regiment, or is another name for an existing regiment. Looking at the service records of the soldiers may give clues to the different regiments they may have served in.

Footnote.com lists this regiment being in service.  It was also known as Martin's Regiment Mounted Men and Martin's Mounted South Carolina Militia. This regiment may have existed only a short time when it was transferred into another regiment or was combined with another regiment to create a new regiment. Looking at the service records of the soldiers may give clues to the different regiments they may have served in.

Companies in this Regiment with the Counties of Origin

Men often enlisted in  a company recruited in the counties where they lived though not always. After many battles, companies might be combined because so many men were killed or wounded.  However if you are unsure which company your ancestor  was in, try the company recruited in his county first.

Roster for this regiment is an alphabetical listing of soldiers from all the companies. (Company info)

  • Anderson's Company (also known as Dorchester Guerrillas) - entered active duty at Stallsville, SC
  • Barnwell's Company (also known as Palmetto Hussars) - Beaufort District
  • Blakewood's Company (also known as Hardeeville Guerrillas) - Beaufort District
  • Bostick's Company (also known as Allendale Guards) - Barnwell District & Beaufort District
  • Campbell's Company (also known as Marion Scouts or Marion Troop) - Colleton District
  • Christopher's Company (also known as Parish Mounted Rangers) - Charleston District
  • Earnest's Company (also known as Marion Rangers or Marion Troop) - Colleton District
  • Evan's Company (also known as Palmetto Rangers) - Barnwell District
  • Fripp's Company (also known as St. Helena Mounted Riflemen) - Beaufort District
  • Green's Company (also known as Salkehatchie Guerrillas) - Colleton District
  • D. B. Heyward's Company (also known as Marion Men of Combahee) - Colleton District
  • G. C. Heyward's Company (also known as Charleston Mounted Guard) - Charleston District
  • Jefford's Company (also known as South Carolina Rangers) - Charleston District
  • Johnson's Company (also known as Savannah River Guards) - Barnwell District
  • King's Company (also known as St. Paul's Home Guard or St. Paul's Mounted Men) - Colleton District
  • Kirk's Company (also known as May River Troop or Bluffton Troop) - Beaufort District
  • Martin's Company (also known as Calhoun Minute Men or Red Oak Rangers) - Barnwell District & Beaufort District
  • Oswald's Company (also known as Grey Riders of St. Bartholomew's) - Colleton District
  • Percival's Company (also known as Pickens Rangers) - Barnwell District
  • Scott's Company (also known as St. Paul Rangers) - Colleton District
  • Screven's Company (also known as Beaufort District or Coosawhatchie Guerrillas) - Beaufor District
  • Simon's Company (also known as Etiwan Rangers) - Charleston District
  • Smart's Company (also known as St. Peter's Guard) - entered active duty at Hardeeville, SC
  • Smith's Company (also known as Beech Hill Rangers) - Colletin District

Source Material

  • Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System can be searched by soldier's name or by regiment; includes regimental rosters and additional history of the regiment.
  • Footnote.com (a subscription website) has digital Civil War soldier service records and brief regiment histories (located at the bottom of some of the muster rolls). Footnote lists soldiers with names starting with D-Y.
  • 1st SC Mounted Militia  from The War for Southern Independence in South Carolina. Eastern Digital Resources, accessed 11/15/2010.  Lists Company Rosters and a brief Regiment History.
  • 1st South Carolina (Martin's) Mounted Militia Regiment internet site, accessed 11/22/2010. Lists Company names and an alphabetical roster.