2nd Battalion, Arkansas Calvalry (Confederate)

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This battalion was organized at Memphis, Tennessee, in early April 1862, just after the Battle of Shiloh, from five independent cavalry companies from southern Arkansas: Company A—Calhoun County Troop, organized at Hampton, Arkansas, February 20, 1862. Company B—Bradley County Troop, organized at Mount Elba, Arkansas, February 22, 1862. Company C—Dallas County Troop, organized at Tulip, Arkansas, March 1, 1862. Company D—Jefferson County Troop, organized at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, March 1, 1862. Company E—Ashley County Troop, organized at Hamburg, Arkansas, March 24, 1862. On May 15, 1862, the 2nd Battalion, Arkansas Calvalry was consolidated with the Sixth Arkansas Cavalry Battalion (Major Charles W. Phifer) at Corinth, Mississippi, to form the Second Arkansas Cavalry Regiment. The companies of the former Second Battalion became Companies D-E-F-G-H of the Second Regiment (see the individual company rosters for details). On August 18, 1862, the chronically-understrength Company F (formerly Co. E, Second Battalion) was consolidated into Company E (formerly C, Second Battalion), and Companies G and H were redesignated as Companies F and G, respectively.