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1. POPULATED PLACE column: names the "populated place" or "location" of interest.

2. FORMER NAME, if applicable column: if the location was known by another name, it is listed here (a year of name change is given, if known).

3. TYPE column: gives type of location (i.e. village, town, city, etc.) - the size definition varies per province.

4. FHL CATALOG column: links the "catagories of sources" available in the Family History Library for this populated place or location.

5. WIKIPEDIA column: like WIKI, gives background information regarding this location.

6. GOOGLE MAPS column: shows the whereabouts of this location on a map.

7. GOOGLE IMAGES column: shows pictures/photos/old maps (sometimes) of this location.

8. WORLDCAT.ORG column: shows sources from other libraries/repositories, etc. for this location.

9. CURRENT DIVISION LINK, where applicable column: helps in knowing the current changes of this location's jurisidiction - see "Note" below.

  NOTE: Listed below are the Populated Places in this county, according to the "Gazetteer Of Canada: Nova Scotia in 1977.  This gazetteer is used for the sources of locations or Populated Places in the Family History Library Catalog for the Province of Nova Scotia.

If you wish the current division, where your Populated Place now exists; click on the "Link" below in the column entitled "Current Division Link, where applicable."

So, this table lists your Populated Place in this county, as it is listed in the FHL catalog, as well as gives the link to the current location.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


FORMER NAME, if applicable TYPE










CURRENT DIVISION LINK, where applicable
Antigonish         Link   Link   Link   Link   Link   Link
Arisaig         Link    Link   Link   Link   Link   Link
Havre Boucher         Link    Link   Link   Link   Link   Link
Heatherton         Link   Link   Link   Link   Link   Link
Lochaber        Link    Link   Link   Link   Link   Link
Ohio        Link    Link   Link   Link   Link   Link
St. Andrews        Link   Link   Link   Link   Link   Link
St. Joseph         Link     Link   Link   Link   Link   Link
Tracadie         Link    Link   Link   Link   Link   Link
 ANY NEW LOCATIONS IN FHL CATALOG???       Link          


   1 -   "Gazetteer of Canada: Nova Scotia,"  FHL US/CANADA 971.74 1977.  Published by Sureveys and Mapping Branch, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa, Ontario 1977.