Die Zentralstelle Deutscher Genalogie-Mappenstuecke

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When I was stymied with my research in Germany I came across an entry in the old Microfiche Catalog, in the Author-Title section.  The Leipzig Archive in Saxony was listed as an author under: Die Zentralstelle Deutscher Genalogie.  There were many entries listed, but one was particulary interesting: Mappenstuecke.  These were assorted family records on many microfilms.  They are not listed alphabetically, so you have to check column after column.  I happened to come across "The Stuelers from Muehlhausen.  I ordered the film, bingo, 500 years of one of my lines.  And that led to many more.  Why did I not find them on the computer?  The computer only listed a summary of the family records, and it did not list the Stuelers.  I have not tried to duplicate the search today with what is available on the web.  This was 15 years ago.  I was born in Germany and speak German, which helps.