Abbreviation Table for Meyers Orts und Verkehrs Lexikon Des Deutschen Reichs

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Family History PATRON CLASS HANDOUT Library (Ref 943 E5mo)

Abbreviation Table for Meyers

Orts Und Verkehrslexikon

Historical Perspective

From the time of Charlemagne (Karl der Grosse) 800 A.D. 10 1806, there was an entity known as the ‘Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation,’ ruled by an emperor and the nobility. From 1701 on, a large chunk of this empire was known as the Kingdom of Prussia. When Napoleon Bonaparte began his conquest, the whole empire began to break up. The last ruling family of the “Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation,” the Hapsburgs, retreated into the Eastern Areas, and reorganized the Germanic areas into a new empire, which they ruled. This became known as the Austrian Empire.

Beginning in 1820, Custom Unions began to be established in the Western Areas of the old empire. In the 1860’s the Prussian ministerial president serving under King Wilhelm of Prussia, made a deal with rulers of those Germanic areas Prussia hadn’t been able to conquer such as the Kingdom of Baden, Bavaria, Württemberg, the Duchy of Mecklenburg, and so forth. If they agreed to join with and organize into a new German Empire, they would have some power and authority in the new regime. By January 1871, agreements were reached, and the 2nd German Empire was established. King Wilhelm of Prussia became emperor (Kaiser) and Otto von Bismark became the chancellor.

All rulers of these various Germanic Kingdoms, Provinces, Principalities, Duchies, Grand Duchies and Free Cities now reported to the “national government” in the form of Emperor Wilhelm. The boundaries of each entity were clarified, and they all became “states” in the new empire.

Meyers Orts-und Verkehrs-Lexikon represents these boundaries as they were between 1871 and 1918.

Abbreviation Table and Glossary

Localities in Germany are arranged in the Family History Library Catalog (FHLC) according to the boundaries of the 1871 German Empire. For cataloging purposes the gazetteer Meyers Orts-und Verkehrs-Lexikon (FHL call no.: book – Ref 943. E5mo; film- 0,496,640 [Localities A-K]; and fiche – 6,000,001-6,000,029) is used. This is an excellent gazetteer, indicating which of the localities have parishes and which have civil registration offices. The entries of the different localities have many abbreviations. The following list is basically an abbreviation table with a few common words, which will be helpful in using the gazetteer. This list should be allowed some freedom due to interpretation and considering the time frame that these terms were used. Some words have different meanings now or are no longer used.

Those abbreviations or words preceded by … indicate that it can also be used as the end or beginning of a combined word.

Abbreviation Table

A Amt (Amtsbezirk) Government office, official district
Ab.(e.) Abbau(e) order Ausbau(e) Surface mine (the “e“ denotes plural)
Abt. Abteilung Department
a/d An der, auf der At the, on the, like “Cologne on the Rhine”
Ag., …ag. Agentur, …agentur Agency, …agency (as part of a word)
AG Amtsgericht Lower court, county court
AH Amtshauptmannschaft Government district
AK Armeekorps Army corps
AktGes. Aktiengesellschaft Corporation (an “Aktie”=a share of stock)
ä.L. Ältere Linie Older line
AllGut Allodialgut Allodial estate
Altfath. Altkatholisch Old Catholic
Altluth. Altlutherisch Old Lutheran
Andere Andere Other, different
Andersgläubige Andersgläubige Different faith
Anh. Anhalt Former duchy
Ansdl. Ansiedlung Settlement
Anst., …anst. Anstalt, …anstalt Institute, institution (also as part of a word)
Arb. Arbeiter Laborer, worker
Art. Artillerie Artillery
Ausg. Ausgedinge Life estate
Ausg. Ausgaben Expenditures
B. Bezirk District or area
BA. Bezirksamt District office
Bad Bad Spa, mineral waters
Badanst. Badeanstalt Swimming baths, spa
Banken Banken Financial institution
Baptistenk. Baptistenkirche Baptist church
Bat. Bataillon Batallion (military)
Batt. Batterie Battery
Bay. Bayern Bavaria
Bei Bei By, near
Berufsgenossenschaften Berufsgenossenschaften Business institution
Bestehend aus Bestehend aus Consists of
Bgu, …bgb. Bergbau, …bergbau Mine, mining, also with other word … salt, coal, etc.
Bgrem. Bezirksgremium District council
Bgw. Bergwerk Mine
Bhf. Bahnhof Railroad station
Bibl. Bibliothek Library
Bildungsanstalten Bildungsanstalten Library
Binnenschiffahrt Binnenschiffahrt Inland navigation
Bk. Bank Bank (financial institution)
Brdo. Bezirkskommando District command (military)
Blechw. Blechwerk Mealworks (tin, sheet metal)
B. Loth. Bezirk Lothringen District of Lothringen
Bn., …bn. Bahn, …bahn Railroad (train)
B. Oels. Bezirk Oberelsaß District of upper Alsace
Böttchherei Böttcherei Cooperage (place where barrels are made)
Brandbg. Brandenburg Former province of Prussia
Brau. Brauerei Brewery
Braunschw. Braunschweig Former duchy
…bre. …brüche Quarries, pits
Brenn. Brennerei Distillery
Brgm. Bürgermeister (ei) Burgermaste, mayor – (office of the mayor-mayoralty)
Brig. Brigade Brigade
Bsch. Bauerschaft Homestead
BschTeil. BauernschaftTeil Part of rural farming community.
Buchdrucker Buchdrucker Printer
Buchhandel Buchhandel Book selling.
B. Uels. Bezirk Unterelsaß District of lower Alsace.
Bürstenw. Bürstenwerk Brush factory.
Bz. Beziehungsweise Or, respective, respectively
Chauseeh. Chaußeehaus Toll house
Chemik. Chemalkien chemicals
D Dampfer-oder Motorbootverbindung Steamer or motor boat connection
SD “in der Saison, Sommer Same as above, only during the summer season
D., Dr. Dorf, Dörfer Village, villages
Das. Daselbst There, at the previously mentioned place, in said place.
Dazu Dazu Including, in addition
Deutsch ref. Deutsch reformierte German Reformed religion
Dir. (…dir.) Direktion (…direktion) Management, head office, office of the director
Dochten Dochten Candle wicks
Dom. Domäne, dominium, domanial State-owned estate
DomU. Domäneamt Estate office in Mecklenburg
Drl. Darlehen loan
dsgl. Desgleichen The same or pertaining to the immediately preceding
...dt. …Distrikt …district
DTeil DorfTeil Portion of a village (dorf)
Dungmitteln Dungmitteln Fertilizers

E Eisenbahnstation oder Haltestelle Railroad station or stop –
E - mit Personen-und Güterverkehr - with passenger and goods traffic
E Eisenbahnstation oder Haltestelle – mit Personen, und Güterverkehr mit Bahntelegraph Railroad station or stop – with passenger and goods traffic, and telegraph
EGt - mit Bahntelegraph - with telegraph
EGt - nur mit Güterbeförderung - only with transportation of goods-freight services only
EPs - nur mit Personenverkehr - only with passenger traffic
E† - mit Eisenbahnauskunftsstelle - with railroad information desk
E. Einwohner(s) Inhabitant(s)
Ein. Einöde Wilderness, lonely spot
Einn., einn. Einnahme oder einnehmerei Clerk’s (usually tax) office, revenue office
Eis. Eisenbahn Train
Eisenhdl. Eisenhandel Iron trade
Elktr. Ort hat Elektrizitätsquelle Place has electric power source
Elktrw. Elektrizitätswerk Power plant
Els. Elsaß Alsace
Emaillierw. Emaillierwerks Enamel works
Erziehanst. Erziehungsanstalt Reform school
Esk. Eskadron Squadron
Etabl. Etablissement Establishment
Ev., Ev. Evangelisch, Evangelische Evangelical, Protestant (in Germany usually Lutheran)
Ev. Pfk. Evangelisch pfarrkirche Protestant parish church
F Fernsprecher Telephone
F Fernsprecher und Telegraph Telephone and telegraph
Fabrikort Fabrikort Factory location
Fahrrädern Fahrrädern bicycles
Färb. Färberei Dye works

Fbr., fbr. Fabrik, fabrikation Factory, manufacturing plant
FG Forstgutsbezirk Forest land district
Fil. Filiale Branch
Fl. Flecken Country-town
Fläche, …fläche Fläche, ...fläche Area, …surface, …expanse (of underground)
Först. Försterei Forest ranger station (residence)
Försth. Försthaus Forester’s house
fr. Früher Formerly
Franz. =ref. Französisch reformierte French Reformed religion (Protestant)
Freigut Freigut Duty-free goods
Frht. Freiheit Market-town (country-town)
Fürstt. Fürstentum Principality
G. Gericht Court
G. Gusbezirk Land district
Garn. Garnison Garrison
Garn. Garnmärkte Thread, yarn, twine market
GarnPfk Garnison Pfarrkirche Garrison parish (military)
Gärtnerei Gärtnerei Nursery (horticultural)
Gasw. Gaswerk Gas works
GB. Gerichtsbezirk Court district
Gef. Gefängnis Jail
geh. Gehörig Belonging (to)
Gem. Gemeinde Community (village)
Gen. General… General
Gen. General General (military)
Genoss. Genossenschaft Cooperative
Gerb. Gerberei Tannery
Ges. Gesellschaft Society, club, company
Gesandtschaften Gesandtschaften Embassies, legations
Getreidehdl. Getreidehandel Grain exchange
Gew., gew. Gewerbe, gewerblich(e) Trade, business, industry, industrial
Gieß Gießerei foundry
Gipsw. Gipswerk Gypsum factory
Glas. Glasswerks Glassworks
glchn. Gleichnamig By the same name
Gr… Groß Great (part of place name)
Grafschaft Grafschaft Earldom (ruled by a coun) (administrative-county)
Granitbr Granitbtrechen Granite quarry
greich. Kap. greichisch Kapelle Green chapel (architecture also)
Grube Grube Mine
Gsth. Gast-, Wirtshaus, Krug Inn, pub, tavern, overnight lodging
GTg. Gerichtstag Jurisdictional area of a court
Gut Gut Estate, farmstead
Gutsb. Gutsbezirk Manorial district
Gutsteil Gutsteil Part of a farmstead
Gymn. Gymnasium Academically oriented high school
H., Hr. Haus, Häuser House, houses
…h …haus, …heim (as part of a word) – house, - home
ha. Hektar Hectare, 2,471 acres
Haltestelle Haltestelle Bus or train stop
Handel Handel Commerce, trade, merchandising
Hann. Hannover Hanover, former province of Prussia
Hdl. Handel(s) Commerce, also business establishment
Heilanst. Heilanstalt Nursing home, sanitorium
Heilst. Heilstätte sanitorium
heßt jetzt heßt jetzt Now called . . .
Herrsch. Herrschaft Manor, estate, domain
Hessen Hessen Hesse, a grand duchy
Hessen-N. Hessen-Nassau Former province of Prussia
Hf. Hafen Harbor, port
Hofbehörden Hofbehörden Farm court, rural court
Hosp. Hospital Hospital
Hof (Höfe) Hof (Höfe) Estate, manor, farm (estates, manors, farms)
Hohlengrube Hohlengrube Hollow mine
Holzhdl. Holzhandel Timber trade
Holzmehl Holzmehl sawdust
Hpt… Haupt… Main
HptSt. Haupt Stadt Capital city
Hr. Häuser houses
Hrgr.(n) Häusergruppe (n) Group of houses
Hüttenw. Hüttenwerk Foundry
hzl. Herzoglich Of the duke (pertaining to the duke’s possession)
Hzt. (...hzt.) Herzogtum (…herzogtum) Duchy
i/d Im/der In the
Im Im In the
Imk. Inkerei beekeeping
Ind. Industrie Industry
Inf. Infanterie Infantry
Insp. Inspektion inspection
Inst. Institut Institute
Int. ( Intendantur (…intendantur) Office of the stewart or superintendent (commissariat)
J. Juden, Israelitisch, Israeliten Jews, Israelitic, Israelites
Jagdh. Jagdhaus Hunting lodge
i. L. Jüngere Linie Younger line
K. Kirche Church
…k. …kasse oder, …kirche Bank, collecting agency, also –church
Kalksteinbr. Kalksteinbruch Limestone quarry
Kalkw. Kalkwerk Lime works
Kam. Kammer Chamber (like Chamber of Commerce)
Kanal Kanal canal
Kanzleilehngut Kanzleilehngut Freehold farm office
Kap. Kapelle Chapel
Kat. Kataster Land register
kath., Kath. Katholisch, Katholiken Catholic
Kath=apostol.K.. Katholisch apostolisch kirche Catholic Apostolic church
Kath. Pfk. Katholische Pfarrkirche Catholic parish shurch
Kav. Kavallerie Cavalry
Kdo. Kommando Command (post)
kgl. Königlich Royal
…khlbgb. …kohlenbergbau Coal mine
Kirchdorf Kirchdorf Village with a church
Kirchweiler Kirchweiler Hamlet with a church
Kl… Klein… Little, small (part of place names)
Klbn. Kleinbahn Narrow-gauge railway
Kleineisenzeug Kleineisenzeug Small iron tools
Kloster Kloster Convent, monastery, abbey
km Kilometer 1,000 meters=3,280.8 ft. or 5/8 mile
Knöpfen Knöpfen Buttons
Kol. Kolonie Colony (usually of small houses)
Koln. Kolonien colonies
Kom. Kommandantur Office and/or residence of commandant
Komm. Kommission Commission
Konservatorium für musik Konservatorium für Musik Conservatory for Music
Konsulate Konsulate Consulate
Kommärkte Kornmärkte Seed market
Kr. Kreis District
Krammärkte Krammärkte Small wares market
Krankenh. Krankenhaus Hospital
KredVer. Kredit-und (od.) Vorschußverein Loan association
Kr.H Kreishauptmannschaft Government district (term used mainly in Sachsen)
KrSpk Kreissparkasse County savings bank
KrSt. Kreisstadt Capital of Kreis
Ksp. Kirschspiel Parish
Kt. Kanton County (state)
Kthptst. Kantonhuaptmannschaft District office
l. Links Left (as opposed to right) to the left of
L. Land(es) Land, belonging to land
L. Land State (like Baden or Lippe)
Lateinschl. Lateinschule Grammar school
LB. Landbezirk Rural district
l/d Link/der Left
Ldepl. Ladeplatz Loading place or dock
Ldkr. Landkreis Administrative district
Lederhdl. Lederhandel Leather trade
Lehngut, Lehnsgut Lehnsgut Estate of feudal lord, fief
Lehrersem. Lehrerseminar Teacher training college
LG. Landgericht Court (next higher court after Amtsger.)
LGem. Landgemeinde Rural community
LHerr(en)Sch. Landherr(en)schaft Possessions of the sovereign
LKr. Landkreis District
Loth. Lothringen Lorrain (Alsace-Lorraine)
LrA. Landratsamt Office of the landrat or county commissioner
Luftkurort Luftkurort Health resort
Lw., lw. Landwirtschaft, …liche Farm, farming operation
Lyzeum Lyzeum Girl’s high school
m Meter über dem Meer Meters above sea level
Mädchensch. Mädchenschule Girl’s school
Mag. Magazin Storage room, warehouse
Mälzerei Mälzerei Male house
Markt Markt market
Masch. Maschine(n) Machine(s)
Mdg. Mündung Mouth, estuary
Meckl.-Schw. Mecklenburg-Schwerin Former grand duchy
Meckl.-Str. Mecklenburg-Strelitz Former grand duchy
Mettalw. Metallwaren hardware
Mil. Militär military
mit mit with
Mktfl. Marktflecken Small market-town
Mkt.Gk. Marktgerechtigkeit Market jurisdiction
Ml. (…ml.) Mühle (…mühle) Mill (or –mill as part of a word)
Möblen Möblen Furniture
Molk. Molkerei Dairy
Motoren Motoren Motors, engines
Müllerei Müllerei Miller’s union
N. (n.) Norden (nördlich), neben North, to the north, next to
n. Neben Next to
…n. …nebenstelle Branch
nach nach to
nahe nahe near
Nd… Nieder… Lower (as in Lower Saxony)
Neum. Neumark Eastern part of the province of Brandenburg
Nieder Nieder Lower (in elevation)
NO. (nö) Nordosten (nordöstlich Northeast (northeasterly)
NW. (nw.) Nordwestern (nordwestlich) Northwest (northwesterly)
NZA. Nebenzollamt Branch custom office
O… Ober… Upper (as in Upper Silesia)
O. Ortschaft Inhabited place
O. (ö.) Osten (östlich) East, easterly
OA. Oberamt Next higher authority after the Amt or (government) office, districts in Württemberg
Ober Ober Upper (as in elevation)
Obstbau Obstbau Fruit growing
OFörst. Oberförsterei Forest service administration office, head forester’s office
Öl Öl oil
Oldenb. Oldenburg Former grand-duchy
OLG. Oberlandesgericht (in Prussia) highest court in Province
OPDir. Oberpostdirektion Higher postal authority
Ortsch. Ortschaft (inhabited) place
Ortsteil Ortsteil Part of a place
Ost Ost East
Ostpr. Ostpreußen East Prussia, Prussian province
P Postanstalt Post office
P Post und Fernsprecher Post office with telephone
P Post und Telegraph Post office with telegraph
P Post, Fernsprecher und Telegraph Post office with telephone and telegraph
Pachthof Pachthof Small leasehold farm
Papierw. Papierwerk Paper mill
PDir. Postdirektion District postal authorities
Pf… Pfarr… Parish- (coupled with another word)
Pf. Pfarrei Parish
Pferdehdl. Pferdehandel Horse trade
Pfk. Pfarrkirche Parish church
Pomm. Pommern Pomerania
Porzellanwerk Porzellanwerk Porcelain, china factory
Pr., pr. Preußen (Preußisch), preußisch Prussia (German Confederation), Prussian
Präs. Präsidium Presidium, governing council
Prov. Provinz …(ial) Province (provincial)(state in Prussia)
Puderw. Puderwerks Powder works
Pumpen Pumpen Pumps
Putzwolle Putzwolle Wire or steel wool
Pw. Personenpostwagen oder autoverkehr Stage-coach or automobile traffic
Pz. (…dt.) Polizei (distrikt) Police (district)
r. Rechts Right
R. Regierung(s) Government(al)
Raiffbk. Raiffeisenbank Rural loan institution named after Raiffeisen, the founder
Rangierbhf. Rangierbahnhof Railroad switch yard
RB. Regierungsbezirk Administrative district (term used mainly in Bavaria and Prussia)
Rbkn. Reichsbanknebenstelle Branch office of the national bank.
Rbistl Reichsbankstelle Office of the national bank
r/d rechts/der to the right of . .
Realsch. Realschule Secondary school (high school)
Ref. Reformierte Reformed (church), Calvanist
Reg. Regiment Regiment (military)
ResidenzSt ResidenzSt Capital city
Rg. Rittergut Landed estate
Rheinl. Rheinland, -provinz Thineland, Rhine province, Prussian province.
Ritt. Ritterschaft(s) Knighthood, knightly
RittA. Ritteramt Estate office
Ruß. Russland Russia
S., St., Skt. Sankt Saint (St.) in connection with place names, churches and foundations
s. (a.) siehe (auch) See or look for (also) meaning look under a second reference
S. (s.) Süden (südlich) South (southern)
Sa. Sachsen(Staat) Saxony, (state)
Sa.-A. Sachsen-Altenburg Saxony-Altenburg
Sa.-C.-G. Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha Saxony-Coburg-Gotha former duchy
Sägew. Sägewerk Sawmill
Saline Saline Sale works
Sa.-M. Sachsen-Meiningen Saxony-Meiningen former duchy
Sa.-W.-E Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach Saxony-Weimar-Eisenach former duchy
Sanat. Sanatorium Sanitarium
s. auch siehe auch See also
Sch.,…sch. Schule, …schule School, -school
Schacht Schacht Shaft
Schäferei Schäferei Sheep farming
Schaumb.-L. Schaumburg-Lippe Former principality
Schiff. Schiffahrt(s) Naval, maritime
Schiffsbaukunde Schiffsbaukunde Shipbuilding
Schiffsverkehr Schiffsverkehr Shipping traffic
Schl. Schleuse Sluice (lock)
Schlachth. Schlachthaus Slaughterhouse
Schles. Schlesien Silesia
Schlesw.-Holst. Schleswig-Holstein Schleswig-Holstein; former province of Prussia
Schloß Schloß Knight’s castle
Schuhm. Schuhmacherei Shoemaking
Schwarzb.-Rud. Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, former principality
Schwarzb.-Sond. Schwarzburg-Sondershausen Schwarzburg-Sondershausen, former principality
SchwG. Schwurgericht Court with a jury
S.d./* siehe dieses See this/see this
SD. Dampfer in der saison Steamship or motorboat service – seasonal only
Seit Seit since
Sem. Seminar Seminary (not always religious)
Sennh. Sennhütte Dairy hut, Alpine
Sig. Sammlung Collection
SO (sö.) Südosten (südöstlich Southeast, southeastern (- easterly)
Sonstige Sonstige Other, miscellaneous
soviel wie Soviel wie Same as
Soz. Sozietät Society, (usually commercial) corporation
SpDrl. Spar- u. Darlehnskassenverein Savings and loan union (non-profit)
Spinn. Spinnerei Spinning factory
Spital Spital hospital
Spk. Sparkasse Savings bank
St. Stadt (städtisch City (municipality)
Stahw. Stahlwerk Steelworks
Standort Standort Garrison (military)
Stadtgut Stadtgut City owned farm
Stat. Station Station
StdA. Standesamt Civil registrar’s office
Stifte Stifte Monastery, convent, abbey
StKr. Stadtkreis Area included in municipal administration district, as opposed to rural or county government which would be “Landkreis”
StPlan Stadt Plan City map
Strbn. (…verz.) Straßenbahn (…verzeichnis) Tramway (…register)
Strickw. Strickwerk Rope works
StTeil Stadtteil Part of a city, ward
St.Verz. Strassen Verzeichnis Street index
Süd Süd south
Sv. Servisklasse Inhabitants receiving government subsidy to pay for the cost of housing (since 1906), tax category for housing
svw. Sovielwie As much as
SW. (sw.) Südwesten, (südwestlich) Southwest, southwesterly
Syn. Synagoge Synagogue
T Post telegraph Telegraph office, in Germany under postal administrationm, post and telegraph office
E Eisenbahntelegraph auf der station Railway telegraph at the station
F Fernsprecher und Telegraph Telephone and telegraph
P Post, Fernsprecher und Telegraph Post office and telegraph
P Post und Telegraph Post office and telegraph
Technikum Technikum College of technology
Thür. Thüringen Thuringia
Thur. Wald. Thüringen Wald Thuringia Forest
u… Und And
u… Unter… Under, but here pertaining to terrain or territory, like Unterfranken = Lower Franconia, as opposed to Oberfranken = Upper Franconia (part of place name)
Ust Unmittelbare Stadt Vicinity of a city or town, immediate area of city
Und Und And
Unw.d. Unweit der Not far from the
Unweit Unweit Not far from, close to
usw. Und so weiter And so forth
v. Von Of, from
Ver. (e) Verein(e) Organization, club, society, union (“e” denotes plural)
Verkehrsanstalten Verkehrsanstalten Transportation
Vers. Versicherung Insurance
Verw. Verwaltung Administration, government
VerwA. Verwaltungsamt Administrative office
Veihhdl. Veihhandel Livestock trade
Viehmärkt Viehmärkt Livestock market
Von Von From, of

Vorwerk Residence and/or farm of the administrator of a landed estate on an outlying tract of land
…w. …waren Goods, products
…w ...waren in Verbindung mit Fbr. Goods or merchandise in connection with Fbr. (see there)
…w. (we.) ...werk (werke) - works (such as water works)
W. (w.) West Westen, westlich West, westerly
Waisenh. Waisenhaus Orphanage
Wasserw. Wasserwerk Waterworks
Weberei Weberei Weaving mill
Weinhdl. Weinhandlung Wine shop, tavern
Westf. Westfalen Westphalia
Westpr. Westpreußen West Prussia
Wlr. Weiler Hamlet
Wohlsahrtsanstalten Wohlsahrtsanstalten Welfare institutions
Wp. Wohnplatz Residence
Wst. (...wst.) Werkstätte (…werkstätte) Shop (such as blacksmith shop)
Württ. Württemberg Former kingdom
Z. Zoll Custom, duty
ZA. Zollamt Customs office
Zechenh. Zechenhaus tavern
Zementw. Zementwerks Cement works
Zgl. Ziegelei Brick works, tile works
Zh. Zollhaus Custom house
Zigarrenfbr. Zigarrenfabrik Cigar factory
Zinkhütten Zinkhütten Zinc furnace
Zions. K. Zionist Kirche Zionist church
Zk. Zinken Outlying farm (hamlet)
Zollhaus Zollhaus Tollhouse, custom house
Zuckerw. Zuckerwerk Sugar works
Zum Zum = zu dem To the
zw. Zwischen Between
[……] Verkehrsanstalt nur zu gewisser Zeit tätig Station (railway, bus, etc.) operating only at certain times
*…….. Siehe dieses See this
[ ] If the letters E D T are between brackets it means that the service is seasonal. R = Rail, D = steamship or motorboat, T = postal telegraph
~ Hyphenated words may be continued in the normal position at the beginning of the next line, or at the end of the line above or below the beginning of the word.

Words having the ending …erei; …isch; …ungs are abbreviated with a period (.) (thus these endings will have to be added to make the word). Example: Fischerei = Fisch.; Wendisch =Wend. The words ending in …lich are abbreviated after the “l” by a period. Example: nördlich = nrdl.

Population figures after place names, if printed in italics indicate that the census figures of 1905 were used, rather than the 1910 figures, used otherwise throughout the book.