African Americans and the Cholera Epidemic of 1873

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Cholera ravaged the United States in 1873. In the aftermath of epidemic the federal government took action, as the U.S. House and Senate issued a joint resolution in the spring of 1874 to explore its causes. At the end of the year the report was completed and by January of 1875 the report was on the desk of President Ulysses S. Grant.

Action Plan

The report on the cholera epidemic is part of the U.S. Congressional Serial Set; volume 1646 of the 43rd Congress, 2nd session, House executive document 95. It can be accessed in print form, microfiche, and online through Google Books.

Throughout the report references can be found in regard to African American victims, survivors, and others. In addition, there is substantial information on their occupations, living environment, and community descriptions. This is valuable information which needs to be extracted.

Therefore a framework is being created in the hope that individuals will collectively devote their time to depositing the information within the pages of the report into this document for the benefit of their fellow researchers.



    Orleans Parish/New Orleans

    Jefferson Parish

    St. James Parish

    Madison Parish

    La Fourche Parish

    Ouachita Parish

    Baton Rouge Parish

    Concordia Parish

    Carroll Parish

    St. Mary's Parish