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*[http://digitalarkivet.arkivverket.no/ft/sok/1801 1801 Census]  
*[http://digitalarkivet.arkivverket.no/ft/sok/1801 1801 Census]  
*[http://digitalarkivet.arkivverket.no/ft/sok/1865 1865 Census ]  
*[http://digitalarkivet.arkivverket.no/ft/sok/1865 1865 Census ]  
*[http://digitalarkivet.arkivverket.no/ft/sok/1875 1875 Census]  
*[http://digitalarkivet.arkivverket.no/ft/sok/1875 1875 Census]Partial
*[https://familysearch.org/search/collection/1529106 Norway Census, 1875] FamilySearch database  
*[https://familysearch.org/search/collection/1529106 Norway Census, 1875] FamilySearch database  
*[http://digitalarkivet.arkivverket.no/ft/sok/1885 1885 Census]  
*[http://digitalarkivet.arkivverket.no/ft/sok/1885 1885 Census]  

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Norway > Akershus County

Akershus is a county in Norway, bordering Hedmark, Oppland, Buskerud, Oslo and Østfold. It has a short border with Sweden. Akershus is the second largest county in population after Oslo, with more than half a million inhabitants. The county is named after Akershus Fortress. The county administration is in Oslo, which is not part of the county per se.

History and Tidbits

Akershus became a fief in the 16th century, and then also included the current counties of Hedmark, Oppland, Buskerud and Oslo, as well as the municipalities of Askim, Eidsberg and Trøgstad in the county of Østfold. In 1662 Akershus became an Amt (County), and in 1685 Buskerud was separated from Akershus and became an Amt (County) of its own. In 1768 Hedmark and Oppland were also separated from Akershus to become Oplandenes Amt (County) (and Askim, Eidsberg and Trøgstad were transferred to Østfold). In 1842 the city of Christiania (Oslo) was made a separate Amt (County) as well. In 1919 the name Amt was changed to Fylke. In 1948 was Aker, the greatest and the most populous municipality of Akershus, transferred to the county of Oslo.

Government Offices and Sites

Akershus County Council

Cities, Parishes, Clerical Districts in Akershus County

FeiringHurdalLangsetEidsvollBjørkeNannestadHovinUllensakerFenstadNesUdenesHolterGjerdrumHeniHakadalNittedalSkedsmoFrognerSørumLillestrømBlakerAurskogVestre AkerOsloØstre AkerLørenskogRælingenFetVestre BærumØstre BærumAskerNesoddenOppegårdFrognDrøbakNordbyÅsKroerVestbySånerGarderKråkstadSkiEnebakkLøkenHøland (Løken)Setskog (Sitskogen)HemnesAkershus Parishes 2x2.jpg



Church Records

Photos of churches in Akershus County

Farm Books

Farm Books for Akershus County

Family History Resources

Norwegian American Bygdelagenes Fellesraad
Romerikslag Homepage

Land Records

1886 and 1838 land registers are found at The Norwegian Historical Data Centre. These are Excel files, which can be downloaded. The give the name of the farm, the farm owner, and the amount of tax. Both farms and sub-farms are included.

Military Records

Passenger Lists

Probate Records

Digitized probate records online for Akershus County

Probate Jurisdictions