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*[[Alaska: American Indians|American Indians]]  
*[[Alaska: American Indians|American Indians]]
*[[Alaska Archives and Libraries|Archives and Libraries]]  
*[[Alaska Biography|Biography]]  
*[[Alaska Biography|Biography]]  
*[[Alaska Census|Census]]  
*[[Alaska Census|Census]]  

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This article is about the northwestern U.S. state. For other uses, see Alaska (disambiguation).

United States > Alaska

Welcome to Alaska, Land of the Midnight Sun

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An index that gives references to over 1,800 members of the Alaska Pioneer Organization is A Guide to the Pathfinder: A Monthly Journal of the Pioneers of Alaska, 1919-1926. Click here for a link to the Alaska State Library where the information is housed.

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The National Archives has land-entry case files and a card index to 1908 containing only 56 cash entries and 133 homestead patents for the entire state. Patents, tract books, and township plats are at:

Bureau of Land Management
222 W. 7th Ave. #13
Anchorage AK 99513-7599
Telephone 907-271-5555
Fax 907-272-3430
Internet: http://www.blm.gov/ak/st/en.html

Did You Know?

More than half of the coastline of the entire United States is in Alaska.


Note: The counties in Alaska are named boroughs, rather than the counties.

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