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''[[United States of America|United States]] > [[United States Naturalization Records|U.S. Naturalizations]] > [[Alaska|Alaska]] > [[Alaska Naturalization and Citizenship|Naturalizations]]''  
''[[United States of America|United States]] > [[United States Naturalization and Citizenship|U.S. Naturalizations]] > [[Alaska|Alaska]] > [[Alaska Naturalization and Citizenship|Naturalizations]]''  
== History  ==
== History  ==

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United States > U.S. Naturalizations > Alaska > Naturalizations


Collective Naturalization

Residents of Alaska became citizens of the United States when Alaska was purchased in 1867 from Russia.

Judicial Districts

Naturalization records for those arriving later have been filed in the judicial districts. Records for some of the districts, 1884 to 1959, are at the Alaska State Archives.

Territorial Records

Old territorial records of Fairbanks, Juneau, and Nome have been transferred to the superior court.

Family History Library

The Family History Library has not acquired naturalization records for Alaska. The library does have two indexes for naturalization records in Alaska.

Post 1906 Records

For naturalization records after September 1906, contact the National Archives—Alaska Region at http://www.archives.state.ak.us/  or the local office of the Immigration and Naturalization Service.


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