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Canada Gotoarrow.png Alberta Gotoarrow.png Societies

Alberta Family Histories Society

Alberta Family Histories Society
712- 16 Avenue NW
Calgary, Alberta T2M 0J8
Telephone: (403) 214-1447

The Alberta Family Histories Society was founded in 1980 as a non-profit organization with the purpose of encouraging and promoting an interest in family history research in Calgary and district. Only members have borrowing privileges.

Library Resources
  • Ÿ journals/periodicals (Canada, British Isles, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, U.S.A.) on CD-ROM Ÿ
  • US/Canada phone books (CD-ROM) Ÿ
  • automated archives (U.S. states)
  • Latter-day Saints Ÿ
  • Ancestors Reference Library Ÿ
  • Pioneer Heritage Library
  • Ÿ LDS Vital Records Library Ÿ
  • National Archives of Canada catalogue Ÿ
  • Ontario Cemetery Finding Aids
  • Ÿ varied materials from Great Britain, Europe, U.S. Ÿ
  • reference books
Geographic Family History Aids
  • Africa, Asia, South Pacific and Latin America Ÿ
  • Canada Ÿ
  • Calgary Ÿ
  • Europe Ÿ
  • United States Ÿ
  • United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand Ÿ
  • E-mail Contacts Ÿ
  • births reported in the Calgary Herald Daily, Calgary Herald Weekly and Calgary Tribune (1883-1899)—an extraction project of the Alberta Family Histories Society


La Société Généalogique du Nord-Ouest

La Société Généalogique du Nord-Ouest
204, 8627- 91 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T6C 3N1
Telephone: (780) 424-2476
Hours: Monday and Tuesday 10:00 am-3:00 pm; Thursday by appointment

The Society was formed in 1991 to preserve, promote and serve in the study of genealogy and family history of Francophones and Métis in Alberta. The reference library is opened to the public: members have free access, non-members pay a fee per visit. Written inquiries will be answered.

  • 1,000 volumes of genealogical records
  • répertoires (parish records) primarily from Québec, Ontario, Manitoba
  • some parish records from France
  • Québec marriages (on microfilm)
  • issues of about 40 periodicals
  • 100 privately published genealogies
  • collections of genealogical dictionaries from specific Québec areas

Société Historique et Généalogique de Smoky River

Société Historique et Généalogique de Smoky River
Main Street
Donnelly, Alberta
Telephone: (780) 925-3801
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 224
Donnelly, Alberta T0H 1G0

This facility has a wealth of genealogical information, especially pertaining to Northern Alberta, Natives and Métis, however it is staffed by volunteers. If you are going to require assistance in your search, you must make an appointment to ensure staff will be available. Researchers are encouraged to purchase a membership in the Society which provides access to the library. There is a charge for non-members per day per person. Mail requests will be considered for a per hour, pre-paid fee.

  • Missionary Letters (1862-1920)
  • Ascendant Charts
  • family charts (13,000)
  • obituaries (6,000)
  • Métis genealogy
  • Ukrainian and Polish genealogy
  • collection of non-published local histories
  • archival photos and negatives covering more than sixty years of local history
  • families
  • towns and villages
  • Dioceses of Mackenzie, Fort Smith, Grouard-McLennan, Athabasca, Joussard, Lac Ste-Anne, Wabasca, North-West Territories, etc.
  • veterans
  • Popes
  • Oblate Fathers
  • Bishops and Archbishops
  • collection of scripts
  • Métis of Manitoba
  • Métis of North-West Territories
  • Voix du Vicariat de 1942-1988
  • collection of genealogical microfiches
  • The Loiselle Index in feminine order
  • index of Alberta cemeteries
  • francophone newspapers (originals and microfilms)
  • Le Manitoba (1882-1885) Le Métis de St-Boniface (1871-1882)
  • Le Trappeur de St-Boniface (1887)
  • Le Courrier du Nord-Ouest (1888)
  • L’Ouest Canadien (1889)
  • Le Métis de St-Boniface (1871-1882)
  • Le Courrier de l’Ouest (1905-1916)
  • Le Patriote de l’Ouest (1910-1932)
  • La Liberté (1913-1920)
  • Le Progrès Albertain (1913-1915)
  • Le Canadien-Français (1915-1920)
  • La Survivance (1928-1967)
  • Le Franco (1967-1996)
  • Canadian Census on Microfilm
  • local English newspapers
  • Smoky River Express
  • Peace River Record/Record Gazette from 1914 to present
  • South Peace News
  • collection of Registers of Dioceses of Mackenzie, Fort Smith, Grouard and McLennan (copies)
  • baptisms
  • confirmations
  • marriages
  • deaths
  • local history books
  • family history books
  • collection of historical and genealogical publications & magazines
  • research collections for the United States
  • collection livres de recherche générale
  • collection of Québec research volumes
  • French-Canadian marriages (49 volumes)
  • Genealogical Dictionary of French Canadian Families
  • Répertoire of baptisms, marriages and deaths of old Québec
  • National Dictionary of French Canadians–Drouin (3 volumes)
  • Fichier Loiselle genealogical resource material
  • collection of Ontario research volumes
  • phone book collection
  • archival collection: procedural minutes from various local groups (veterans, Alberta Wheat Pool, villages and Association Canadienne des franco-Albertains (ACFA)
  • historical and genealogical research
  • reproduction of photos and black & white negatives
  • photocopies
  • genealogy courses

Alberta Genealogical Society
162, 14315 - 118 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5L 4S6
Telephone: 780-424-4429
Fax: 780-423-8980

There are branches of the Alberta Genealogical Society in Brooks, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Red Deer, and Wetaskiwin.

Alberta Historical Resources Foundation
Old St Stephen's College
8820 - 112 Street
Edmonton, AB T6G 2P8
Telephone: 780-431-2300

Cold Lake and District Genealogy Club

Germans from Russia Heritage Society - Alberta Chapter

c/o George Dorscher
247 Huntridge Way NE
Calgary Alberta T2K 4C4

Historical Society of Alberta

Suite 320, 610 8th Ave SW
Box 4035, Station C
Calgary, AB T2T 5M9
Telephone: 403-261-3662
Fax: 403-269-6029

Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta

2946 - 32 Street NE
Calgary, AB  T1Y 6J7
Telephone:  403-250-1121

and Mennonite Genealogical Data Index

Smoky River Genealogical Society

see Societé Historique et Généalogique de Smoky River

Societé Généalogique du Nord-Ouest

8939 - 82nd Avenue

Edmonton, AB T6C 0Z2


Telephone: 780-424-2476
Fax: 780-424-2476

Societé Historique et Généalogique de Smoky River
P.O. Box 224
Donnelly, AB T0H 1G0
Telephone: 780-925-3801
Fax: 780-925-3838

Genealogical Societies

Germans from Russia Heritage Society - Alberta Chapter

Germans from Russia Heritage Society - Alberta Chapter 
c/o George Dorscher
247 Huntridge Way North East
Calgary Alberta T2K 4C4

Jewish Genealogical Society of Southern Alberta

Jewish Genealogical Society of Southern Alberta 
1607 90th Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta T2V 4V7
Telephone: (403) 850-4337

This society was formed with the following goals:

  • to provide resources to genealogists with ties to Alberta and Canada Ÿ
  • to provide more efficient location of missing Holocaust victims and survivors; hoped-for reunions to promote pride and knowledge of Jewish heritage, past and present Ÿ
  • to cooperate in tracing and advising relatives about rare familial genetic traits

The Northern Alberta Pioneers and Descendants Association

The Northern Alberta Pioneers and Descendants Association
9430 Scona Road
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 4T3
Telephone: (780) 465-2139

The Northern Alberta Pioneers and Old Timers’ Association dates back to 1894. Over the years they collected historical information and artifacts from Edmonton’s early settlers and eventually turned this collection over to the City of Edmonton where it formed the nucleus of the City Archives and the historical Fort Edmonton site. The writing of biographies of members and their families continued and a two volume publication was the result. These books are available at the City of Edmonton Archives and the Legislative Library. Additional information has been collected and indexes are continually being updated to included new material.

Ukrainian Genealogical and Historical Society of Canada

Ukrainian Genealogical and Historical Society of Canada
R. R. #2
Cochrane, Alberta T0L 0W0
Telephone: (403) 932-6811

The society was established in 1979 to promote a sense of identity for Canadians who have connections originating in Ukraine and those who have been affected by such origin.

  • continuing extracting names from all sources as a resource
  • data base maps–pre 1914 large scale for Galicia/Bukovina
  • surnames search (for a fee)[1]


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