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Allen may refer to:

United States

A County

A Township

A Populated Place

  • Allen, Amador, California
  • Allen, Lyon, Kansas
  • Allen, Floyd, Kentucky
  • Allen, Natchitoches, Louisiana
  • Allen, Wicomico, Maryland
  • Allen, Hillsdale, Michigan
  • Allen, Dixon, Nebraska
  • Allen, Allegany, New York
  • Allen, Pontotoc, Oklahoma
  • Allen, Cumberland, Pennsylvania
  • Allen, Northampton, Pennsylvania
  • Allen, Bennett, South Dakota
  • Allen, Collin, Texas


  • Allen, Río Negro, Argentina 


  • Allen's Creek, Queensland, Australia  Click on link "Allens Creek" to your left to see more. 
    ( Research on 8th September 2011 to find Allens Creek Queensland shows not currently listed as an official place name. Reference Google: Type in "Austrlalian Geographical Names")


  • Allen, Kilmeage, Kildare, Ireland


  • Allen, Northern Samar, Philippines

United Kingdom

  • Allen (townland), Desertceat, Tyrone, Northern Ireland
  • Allen, Cornwall, England
  • River Allen, in Dorset, England
  • River Allen, in Northumberland, England, a tributary of the River South Tyne