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The Public Archive of the State of Amazonas (Arquivo Público Estadual do Amazonas) was created in 1897 as a repository to collect and maintain records from state public organizations as well as historic state records. They have digitized some of their records, and in conjunction with the Cultural Center of the People of Amazonas (Centro Cultural dos Povos Da Amazônia) have provided some records for public use. These records can be accessed at


Those interested in obtaining additional records for the state of Amazonas should try contacting the State of Amazonas Public Archive:

Arquivo Público Estadual do Amazonas
Rua: Bernardo Ramos, 265 - Manaus - AM - CEP. 69005-320
Tel: (0**92) 3232-3878

Additional resources are housed in the Arthur Reis Library (Biblioteca Arthur Reis). Restored in 2001 by the State Government, the library holds over 21,000 volumes of books, pamphlets, periodicals, and iconographic materials. The library can be contacted at:

Biblioteca Arthur Reis
Endereço: Av. Sete de Setembro, 444 – Centro Histórico.
Telefone: (92) 3637-6660