American Indian Calendar

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The American Indian measured time by sun, moon stars and seasons.  Each tribe or tribes in a region gave unique names to the months, moons or seasons.

For additional learning:


In an appendices of This Day in North American Indian History,by Phil Konstantin, gives examples of North American Indian Calendars giving:  Tribe, Month names, Moon names, Day names and Season names.

  • Konstantin, Phil. This Day in North American Indian History Important Dates in the History of North America's Native Peoples for Every Calendar Day. De Capo Press. C. 2002. ISBN 0-306-81170-7

American Indian Genealogy

A charted calendar may be found in Indians of the Southeast: Then and Now. by Jesse Clifton Burt and Robert B. Ferguson

  • Burt, Jesse Clifton and Robert B. Ferguson. Indians of the Southeast Then and Now