American Indian Research in the Family History Library

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The Family History Library in Salt Lake City has one of the largest collections of the records of the American Indians of the United States. Included in their holdings are microfilm copies of several of the larger sets of records held by the National Archives, such as:

  • Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-1881 -- National Archives Microcopy M234
  • Reports of Inspection of the Field Jurisdictions of the Office of Indian Affairs, 1873-1900 -- National Archives Microcopy M1070
  • Indian Census Rolls, 1885-1940 -- National Archives Microcopy M595
  • Superintendents' Annual Narrative and Statistical Reports from Field Jurisdictions of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1907-1938 -- National Archives Microcopy M1011.
  • Records of many of the Superintendencies of Indian Affairs
  • Several sets of records relating to the Five Civilized Tribes, including early census rolls, enrollment applications, and Eastern Cherokee Claims Commission records
  • and many more

The Family History Library also has microfilm copies of the records of some Indian agencies and schools, as well as records of some missions of various church denominations among the American Indians.

This facility also has a collection of histories of tribes, biographies of individual Indians, and histories of cultural groups in various regions of North America.

Most of the manuscript records on microfilm, held by the Family History Library, can be loaned to the extensive system of family history centers.