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'''Adjacent towns: ''Hancock Co.: '' [[Aurora, Maine|Aurora]] | [[Great Pond, Maine|Great Pond]] | [[Mariaville, Maine|Manville]] | [[Osborn, Maine|Osborn]] | ''Penobscot Co.: '' [[Bradley, Maine|Bradley]] | [[Clifton, Maine|Clifton]]'''  
'''Adjacent towns: ''Hancock Co.: '' [[Aurora, Maine|Aurora]] | [[Great Pond, Maine|Great Pond]] | [[Mariaville, Maine|Mariaville]] | [[Osborn, Maine|Osborn]] | Township 32 MD BPP | ''Penobscot Co.: '' [[Bradley, Maine|Bradley]] | [[Clifton, Maine|Clifton]]'''  
{{MEHan towns}}  
{{MEHan towns}}  
[[Category:Hancock_County,_Maine]] [[Category:Towns_in_Maine]]
[[Category:Hancock_County,_Maine]] [[Category:Towns_in_Maine]]

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Adjacent towns: Hancock Co.: Aurora | Great Pond | Mariaville | Osborn | Township 32 MD BPP | Penobscot Co.: Bradley | Clifton