Amrum, Schleswig-Holstein, Preussen, Germany

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Germany to Prussia to Schleswig-Holstein to Amrum, Schleswig-Holstein, Preussen, Germany

Family History Catalog

  • Information of the clergy, sextons, district and provincial administrators of sextons, district and provincial administrators of Föhr Island, Schleswig-Holstein, Preußen, Germany. Eigenhändige nachrichten von den Predigern und Küstern auf Föhr : von den Hardes- und Landvögten über Westerland Föhr und Amrum, von den Vögten in Osterland, 1570-1815
  • Census records of Ribe county in Schleswig-Holstein which were under Danish control at the time of the 1840 census. Ribe countys border have changed from what they were in 1840 and includes today also parishes from Tønder, Vejle and Haderslev counties; and the islands Amrum, Föhr and Sylt in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. FHL 226614
  • Parish registers of baptisms, and deaths for Amrum, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Includes Nebel. Kirchenbuch, 1780-1824 FHL 382108
  • Contains short reports of people who lived in Mjolden, Randerup, Daler, Emmerlev and Møgeltønder parishes in Tønder county, Denmark; including Amrum (island), and St. Laurentii on the island of Föhr, both in Schleswig-holstein, Germany. Af præsteindberetninger fra Ribe stift i 18. Aarh. FHL 543478
  • Cemeteries of Amrum, Schleswig-Holstein, Preussen, Germany. Die alten Grabsteine auf dem Amrumer Friedhof FHL 1909090
  • Census records of Ribe county in 1855, which today includes part of Tønder and Haderslev counties in Denmark, in addition to part of the islands of Föhr, Amrum and Sylt in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. This is a record of Ribe amt as it was in 1855, however the borders have changed and these parishes do not belong to Ribe county today. Folketælling : Ribe amt (nu Tønder og Haderslev amter), 1855 FHL 292071
  • Description of the Islands and islets of Nordfriesland. Inseln und Halligen Nordfrieslands : Amrum - Föhr - Die Halligen - Nordstrand - Pellworm - Sylt FHL 2043357
  • Probate records of Westerland Föhr and Amrum that were under Danish control at the time of the probates, now in Schleswig-Holstein, Preussen, Germany. Skifteprotokoller, 1732-1812 FHL 503166
  • Deeds of conveyance and mortgage records for Sønder Jylland, Denmark.( Which includes Amrum) Skøde- og panteprotokoller, 1687-1826 FHL 368243
  • Amrum, Schleswig-Holstein, Preussen, Germany Census 1787. Verzeichnis über die Volkszahl auf Amrum 1787 FHL 1930158.