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''[[United States|United States ]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]]  [[United States Church Records|Church Records]] [[Image:Gotoarrow.png]]  [[Anglican_Church_in_the_United_States|Anglican Church Records]]''
#REDIRECT:[[Episcopal Church in the United States]]
=== History in the United States ===
In the U.S., the Anglican Church started in Virginia during the 1600s. It was very strong in colonial times, especially in the Southern states. It is a worldwide family of autonomous churches. Other names used by Anglican churches are:<br>
*Church of England
*Church of Scotland
*Church in Wales
*Church of Ireland
*Episcopal Church<br>
*Protestant Episcopal Church<br>
=== Anglican Church Records  ===
==== Types of Church Records  ====
*Baptism (infant)
*Deaths and burials
*Vestry minutes<br>
==== Where they are Located  ====
[http://anglicanchurch.net/ Anglican Church in North America]<br>800 Maplewood Avenue<br>Ambridge PA 15003-0447<br>Phone: 724-266-9400<br>
[http://americananglican.org/ The American Anglican Council]<br>2296 Henderson Mill Road, NE Suite 406<br>Atlanta, GA 30345-2739<br>Toll-free: (800) 914-2000<br>Voice: (770) 414-1515<br>Fax: (770) 414-1518

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