Appendix Two: Trial of the Innocents

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When "Trial of Innocents" is entered in a key word search in the Family History Library Catalog, the following pulls up:

Innocents Decrees:  County Louth 1663.  An abstract of the decrees of the Court of Claims for the Trials of the Innocents.  Consists of judgments made in behalf of petitions whereby possession of land previously confiscated was reclaimed or lands currently in possession of land owners was confirmed.  The redistribution of land took place during the reign of Charles II (1660-1685)

FHL100225 Item 3 (microfilm)

Deputy Keeper Records of Ireland:

FHL Fiche 6023508 - 6023554

FHL Fiche 6023555 - 6023601

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Appendix Two: Trial of the Innocents

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