Arizona County, New Mexico (Extinct)

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Arizona was a county of New Mexico Territory from 1860 to 1863. This county was not a county of Arizona, but did cover land that later became part of Arizona.

1 Feb 1860 - ARIZONA county (extinct) created by New Mexico Territory from DOÑA ANA county, New Mexico. It was located entirely within present day Arizona. (N.M. Terr. Laws 1859-1860, 9th assy. /p. 74)

18 Jan 1862 - ARIZONA county (extinct) eliminated when it lost all territory to DOÑA ANA county, New Mexico. (N.M. Terr. Laws 1861-1862, 11th assy. /p. 18)

28 Jan 1863 - ARIZONA county (extinct) re-created from DOÑA ANA county, New Mexico. (N.M. Terr. Laws 1862-1863, 12th assy. /p.30)

24 Feb 1863 - ARIZONA county (extinct) eliminated when the United States created Arizona Territory from the west half of New Mexico Territory. (U.S. Stat., vol. 12, pp. 664-665; Van Zandt, 165)