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Guadirikiri Cave on Aruba

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Wikipedia has more about this subject: Aruba

Aruba officially became a member state of the Kingdom of the Netherlands on January 1, 1986, with full independence set for 1996, within a Dutch Commonwealth of sovereign states. Aruba is the western most island of the Netherland Antilles of the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea, off the north shore of Venezuela. For Historical and Geographical information see:

See also the CIA World Factbook at


Aruba's Capital City is Oranjestad. See: (Oranjestad)

Aruba is divided into eight regions:

  • Noord/Tank Leendert
  • Oranjestad (west)
  • Oranjestad (east)
  • Paradera
  • Santa Cruz
  • Savaneta
  • Sint Nicolaas (north)
  • Sint Nicolaas (south).

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You may also try a Database for genealogical research in Aruba:

If you ever wanted to research your family tree and trace your ancestry, the internet has made this much easier than ever before.

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Did you know?

Did you know that Aruba has its own university? See: (University of Aruba)

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