Augusta County Genealogical Society

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Augusta County Genealogical Society
Contact Info
The Augusta County Genealogical Society ... == Benefits == *What are the benefits for becoming a member of the society? ACGS was organized to: 1) To help preserve genealogical records and public access to them; 2) To furnish aid and education in genealogical research; and 3) To foster and encourage interest in genealogical research.  *What are the benefits the society has to offer for those who are not members? ACGS is proud to offer research services for families researching their Augusta County roots. ACGS charges $10 per research hour for non-members and $5 per research hour for members in addition to copying and mailing costs. For more  information on our research services: write us at ACGS, P.O. Box 436, Fishersville, VA 22939 or contact us by telephone at 540-885-1991.  You can also post a request == History of the society == *ACGS was organized in October, 1996 to serve the genealogical needs of people researching their Augusta County Virginia roots. The society has grown from a small group of 23 members to over 150 members in 2012.  == Society Officers == *President - Leslie Simpson Hall *Vice President - Darla Sallade *Treasurer - David Riel *Recording Secretary - Betty Cox *Corresponding Secretary - Theresa Hunt *Director - Helen Stogdale *Director - JoAnn Pendley == Society Projects == *ACGS sponsored the Augusta County Heritage Book *Copied and indexed the 1912 - 1917 birth records for Augusta County *Copied and indexed the 1912 - 1917 death records for Augusta County *Copied, indexed and archived the marriage records for Augusta County from 1851 - 1890. Two volumes of marriage records covering these years are for sale from the society.  === Current Projects === *Obituary Book Project - collecting obituaries from the two local newspapers (Staunton News Leader and Waynesboro News VIrginia) and compiling them into books with indexes from 1935 - 1964.   *Copying, indexing and archiving marriage records for Augusta County from 1890 to the early 1900's *Assist the Augusta County courthouse staff with research requests  *Cemetery Mapping Project - document the physical and GPS directions for almost 300 cemeteries in Augusta County, Staunton, and Waynesboro *Research and publish African American genealogical materials === FamilySearch Wiki Projects === * === FamilySearch Wiki Page Adoptions === * === Past Projects === * == Publications == *African American Marriage Index Volume I  1865 - 1899 Augusta County Virginia with notes of interest  *African American Marriage Index Volume II 1900 - 1925 Augusta County Virginia with notes of interest *African American Marriages 1865 - 1910 Staunton Virginia (88 pages) - 920 records sorted by groom and bride *African American Voter Registration Records 1870 - 1920 for Staunton and Augusta County Virginia *Augusta County Death Records July 1912 - June 1917 (90 pages) - 2,363 records sorted and listed by deceased, father's name and mother's maiden name *Augusta County Marriage Bonds Index Volumte I - 1785 - 1799 (60 pages) records sorted and listed by groom and bride *Augusta County Marriage Bonds Index Volume II - 1800 - 1825 (60 pages) records sorted and listed by groom and bride *Augusta County Marriage Records Index 1851 - 1870 Volume I - records sorted and listed by groom and bride *Augusta County Marriage Records Index 1871 - 1890 Volume II - records sorted and listed by groom and bride *Free Blacks and Mulattoes in Augusta County by Laten Bechtel *In Search Of: Selections from Freedmen's Bureau Records for Augusta County and Staunton Virginia *Set Free: Augusta County Emancipations and Manumissions by Laten Bechtel *That's Just the Way It Was:  - A Chronological and Documentary History of African American Schools in Staunton and Augusta County by Laten Bechtel and Susie KingSafe Keeping: A Glimpse Into Slave Trading in Augusta County 1856 - 1860 by Laten Bechtel
== Newsletters == *The "Augusta Archivist" is published monthly for all members.  == Collections == * == Events == * === Society Meetings === *ACGS meets monthly on the third (3rd) Wednesday of each month from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. We are currently meeting in the community meeting room at the Waynesboro Public Library at 600 S. Wayne Avenue, Waynesboro, Virginia.  There are no meetings scheduled in July (when we normally meet for a picnic) and December.  The annual meeting including election of officers is conducted each October. A program of interest to genealogists is presented at each regularly scheduled membership meeting.  === Workshops === * === Board Meetings === *The ACGS board meets on the same day as our membership meeting, normally commencing at 11:30 am.  === Training Meetings === * == Frequently Asked Questions == ;Q. What are the directions to the society? :A. ACGS normally meets at the Waynesboro Public Library at 600 South Wayne Avenue in Waynesboro.  ;Q. What are the society's hours of operation? :A. ACGS has a research library open to members and non-members. We are currently located on the third floor of the R. R. Smith Center in downtown Staunton (close to the Augusta County courthouse).  The address is: 22 South New Street, Staunton.  The library's hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 9:00 am - 12:00 noon or by appointment.  You can reach an ACGS member at the library phone 540-885-1991 during the hours above.