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A biography is a history of a person’s life. In a biography you can read about a person's life. You may find an individual’s birth, marriage, and death information, and perhaps the names of the individual’s parents, children, or other family members. 

Individual Biographies

Often these collective biographies only include biographies of prominent citizens of Australia. Others feature biographies of specific groups of people, such as Aborigines.If a biography exists for one of your ancestors, you may be able to find a reference to it on the Internet. Search for "[family name] [name of locality]".

Biography Collections

Some biographies have been gathered and published in a group. These are sometimes called biographical encyclopedias or biographical dictionaries. Significant biographical encyclopedias include the following.

Family History Library

The Family History Library does not generally collect individual biographies, but they do have some collections. To find these, use the Place Search in the catalog under:


Additional biographies may be located by adding the name of the state and or town to your search.



Australian encyclopedias may contain biographies. For more information, read the Encyclopedias and Dictionaries article. 

Biographical Reference