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Austria Beginners Corner

Gettingh Started

Search home sources
  • Evaluate your sources
  • Organize your material
  • What you need to know to begin your research in Austria

Begin with family and home sources.  Look for names, dates, and places on certificates, family bibles, obituaries, diaries, and similar sources.   Interview extended family and close relatives as well as former neighbors--all of which may prove very helpful in gathering as much knowledge about an ancestor as possible. Ask your relatives for any additional information. It is possible that distant relatives may have some family information.  Organize the information you find, and record it on pedigree charts and family group records.
Select a specific relative or ancestor born in the Austria for whom you know at least the name, the village or parish where he or she may have lived in the Austria, and an approximate date when he or she was born there.[edit] Evaluate your sources