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Austria Gotoarrow.png Church Records


The Catholic Church in Austria

Today the Catholic Church in Austria is divided into 9 dioceses (2 of which are arch dioceses: Wien and Salzburg) and a Military Ordinate).
The nine territorial dioceses cover the nine provinces of Austria, with the exception of the archdiocese of Salzburg (province of Salzburg and North Tirol east of the Ziller), the archdiocese of Vienna (the capital of Vienna and the eastern part of Niederösterreich , and the diocese of Sankt Pölten (the western part of Niederösterreich).
The nine territorial dioceses are divided into two Church Provinces:

Church Province of Wien

Archdiocese of Wien (founded in 1469, 55 deanships, 660 parishes)
Diocese of Sankt Pölten (founded in 1785, 25 deanships, 424 parishes) Diocese of Linz (founded in 1785, 39 deanships, 472 parishes) Diocese of Eisenstadt (founded in 1960, 12 deanships, 171 parishes)
Church Province of Salzburg

<u Archdiocese of Salzburg (founded around 700, 20 deanships, 208 parishes) Diocese Graz-Seckau (founded in 1218, 26 deanships, 389 parishes) Diocese Gurk-Klagenfurg (founded in 1072, 24 deanships, 335 parishes) Diocese Innsbruck (founded in 1964, 19 deanships, 244 parishes)
Diocese Feldkirch( founded in 1968, 9 deanships, 124 parishes.

=== Military Church Records


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