Baden Court Records

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Back to Baden Grossherzogtum (grand duchy) PagePfandbuch (mortgage books)

People who had property in their villages as owners or tenants were also able to purchase land elsewhere. If they needed a loan, such properties were mortgaged. Lenders also, may not necessarily have been from the village itself but from a neighboring place. The consequent entries into mortgage books do not just identify the participating parties but also give the names of adjacent neighbors as the properties were described.

Bürgerliche Rechtspflege (administration of justice)

covers different legal actions in which ancestors may or may not have been involved, such as guardianships (Vormundschaften), foreclosures (Zwangsversteigerung), copies from land registers (Grundbuchabschriften), mortgage deeds (Pfandbücher), dispositions (Grundbuchwesen), certificates of assets (Vermögenszeugnisse), leases (Güterverpachtungen) and auctions (Güterversteigerungen).