Bahia, Brazil Genealogy

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The area of Bahia was one of the first to be settled by the Portuguese. In 1549 the Portuguese established the city of Salvador, which became the administrative and religions capital of the Portuguese colonies in South America until 1763. It was the center of sugar cultivation in Brazil from the 16th to the 18th Centuries. This high demand for sugar production resulted in the importantion of vast numbers of slaves from western africa; with more than 37 % of all slaves being sent to Brazil. The catholic archbishop of São Salvador da Bahia serves as the Cardinal Primate of all Brazil, and Salvador, the capital of the state, has the highest number of churches than any other state capital in Brazil.


Arquivo Público do Estado da Bahia, Diretora: Tereza Matos
Lad. das Quintas dos Lázaros 50 Baixa de Quintas
40320-014 Salvador-BA

Phone/FAX: 71-3244-9729 or 71-3244-2747 or 71-3244-9729