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See also [[Eiker (Haug), Norway|Eiker (Haug)]]
See also [[Eiker (Haug), Norway|Eiker (Haug)]]
=== Census Records===
=== Census Records ===
[http://www.digitalarkivet.no/cgi-win/webcens.exe?slag=visbase&filnamn=bd08MT60&spraak=n&metanr=1268 1664-66 Census for Bakke]
See [[Eiker (Haug), Norway|Eiker]]
[http://www.digitalarkivet.no/cgi-win/webcens.exe?slag=visbase&filnamn=f18010624&spraak=n&metanr=235 1801 Census for Bakke] (see Eiker)
[http://www.digitalarkivet.no/cgi-win/webcens.exe?slag=visbase&filnamn=f60624&spraak=n&metanr=563 1865 Census for Bakke] (see Eiker)
[http://www.digitalarkivet.no/cgi-win/webcens.exe?slag=visbase&filnamn=f00624&spraak=n&metanr=893 1900 Census for Bakke] (see Øvre Eiker)
[http://www.digitalarkivet.no/cgi-win/webcens.exe?slag=visbase&filnamn=f00625&spraak=n&metanr=894 1900 Census for Bakke ](see Nedre Eiker)
[http://da.digitalarkivet.no/ft/sok/1910 1910 Census for Bakke]
=== Court Records  ===
=== Court Records  ===

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Norway > Buskerud County > Bakke

Church Records

Microfilm available at the Farmily History Library for Bakke Parish in Eiker Clerical District. Contains parish registers for the parishes Eiker (or Haug) and Bakke in Eiker clerical district. Included the parishes Nedre Eiker until 1879 and Fiskum until 1882. Parish registers from 1683-1934.

Digitized images of parish registers are available online at Digitalarkivet (Digital Archives)

Eiker: 1683-1877, 1919-1961.

Eiker/Bakke: 1844-1923

Eiker/Fiskum: 1689-1808

Eiker/Haug: 1733-1808, 1832-1871, 1877-1942

Eiker/Haug og Bakke: 1905-1939

Eiker//Vestfossen Kapell: 1902-1913

See also Eiker (Haug)

Census Records

See Eiker

Court Records

Land Records

Farm Books

Probate Records

1676-1855: Probate records are in Eiker, Modum og Sigdal judicial district.