Balsfjord, Troms, Norway Genealogy

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Norway > Troms County > Balsfjord

Church Records

Balsfjord clerical district was established in 1856 with the parishes Balsfjord and Malangen which were separated from Tromsø parish and clerical district in 1856. For earlier records see Tromsø clerical district.

  • Parish heading list shows the Norwegain headings on the parish records with an English translations for each of the different forms used throughout the records beginning in 1814. Prior to that time the records were kept in a journal format which varies with each parish.
  • Births, 1858-1889
  • Marriages, 1884-1899
  • Deaths, 1884-1906
  • Christenings, 1856-1906
  • Confirmations, 1856-1905
  • Banns, 1858-1867, 1879-1910, 1920-1927
  • Marriages, 1856-1906
  • Stillbirths, 1884-1906
  • Burials, 1856-1906
  • Vaccinations, 1856-1867
  • Removals and arrivals, 1857-1897
  • Christenings, 1856-1926
  • Confirmations, 1856-1926
  • Banns, 1858-1867, 1879-1910, 1920-1927
  • Marriages, 1856-1926
  • Stillbirths, 1879-1920
  • Burials, 1856-1926
  • Vaccinations, 1858-1867
  • Removals and arrivals, 1857-1886, 1910-1921

Digital images of the church books are online at Digitalarkivet.

Census Records:

See Tromsø for 1801 Census

1845 Census for Balsfjord can be found at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah

The 1845 census for the parishes Malangen, Balsfjord and Tromsøysund in Tromsø clerical district. Includes the farm names, head of houshold (or his widow), his wife, children, servants, occupation, sex, age, some miscellaneous information and it also lists statsitical information.

1845 folketelling for Tromsøysund, Balsfjord og Malangen i Tromsø prestegjeld (Troms)                        FHL INTL Film 1694694 Item 9

1865 Census for Balsfjord

1875 Census for Balsfjord

1900 Census for Balsfjord

1910 Census for Balsfjord

Court Records

Land Records

Probate Records

1690-1866 Tromsø judicial district.

1776-1809 Troms County judicial district.

1697-1824 Troms and Senja deanery.

Farm Book

Balsfjorden og Malangens historie fram til 1830-åra : fra veidesamfunn til jordbruksbygd by Anders Ole Hauglid. A history of Balsfjord and Malangen in Troms county, Norway from the earliest times to the 1830's. Includes some extracts from various tax lists and the 1769 and 1801 census records.

Farm Book on the Internet

Balsfjord Bygdebok by N. S. Magelssen and Peter A. Larsen has been digitalized by Per Inge Nilsen. The names of the farms are linked to the text and are found on the left side of the page. Also you may use a Google search box to search in this farm book.

Historical Society

Balsfjord Historielag