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Banat was a region located in south part of Austria-Hungary Empire, in the area of what is now Croatia, Serbia, Romania in addition to Hungary.


Sanktandres (Sinandrei, Timis County, Romania)


Maps of Hungary, 1910] In Maygar language of Hungary


  • Remembering Our Donauschwaben Ancestors Publishes historical and genealogical information on the Donauschwaben villages and provides a repository of information specific to Donauschwaben genealogy.
  • The Working Group of Danube-Swabian Researchers (AKdFF) The "Working Group of Danube Swabian Family Researchers" or in German, "Arbeitskreis donauschwaebischer Familienforscher" is a society of over 700 members with headquarters in Sindelfingen, Germany, and specializing in Donauschwaben genealogy research. The goal of most researchers is to find the ancestors who were the original settlers in southern Hungary, and to find out where they lived in the old German states prior to migration