Bardu (Bardø), Troms, Norway Genealogy

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Norway > Troms County > Bardu (Bardø)

Church Records

Bardu is a parish in Ibestad clerical district. Records begin in 1751.

Bardu was annexed to Målselv clerical district in 1853.

Census Records:

The Clerical District of Bardø (Bardu or Bardoe) was included in the Ibbestad Clerical District until 1853

  • The 1825, 1845, and 1846 censuses of Ibestad clerical district include these parishes: Ibestad, Salangen, Lavangen, Andørja, Gratangen, Astafjord, and Bardu (until 1853).

1865 Census for Bardu

1875 Census for Bardu

1900 Census for Bardu

1910 Census for Bardu

Court Records

Land Records

Probate Records

1706-1877 Senja judicial district.

1776-1809 Troms County judicial district.

1697-1824 Troms and Senja deanery.

Farm Books

  • Bardu bygdebok by Eystein Eggen. A history of Bardu in Målselv clerical district in Troms county and a genealogy of the people and their farms. Text is in Norwegian.

Historical Society

Bardu Historielag