Bartow County Genealogical Society and Family Research Library

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Contact Information


101 North Erwin Street
Cartersville, Georgia 30120-0993

Post Office Address: P.O. Box 993, Cartersville, Ga. 30120-0993

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Telephone: 770-606-0706

Library Hours: Monday-Wednesday-Friday 10:00 A.M. till 3:30 P.M.

Services: 3 computers, 2 scanners; family histories; microfilmed newspapers

Directions: From Atlanta, go north on Interstate 75 North to exit 288. Turn left on Ga.113 (Main St.) and proceed toward downtown. After passing Applebee's restaurant, turn right on Church St.; cross over highway 41, cross Tennessee St.; go over bridge,then turn right at the four-way stop. We are located in the Arts Center building on the right. Ample parking is available.A handicap entrance is available at the front of the building.

Membership: Open to any person regardless of residence, age, race, creed, or age who is interested in genealogy or the history of this area; dues are $20 per year and includes 4 quarterlies.

Meetings: Open to the general public and held at 2:00 P.M. on the first Sunday of each month at the Bartow County Family Research Library. If the first Sunday falls on a holiday weekend, the meeting is held the following Sunday. No December meeting!

Society History:

An organizational meeting was convened in January 1992 with the expressed purpose of forming the first genealogical society in Bartow County. Records indicate that 26 people attended the meeting held at the public library. Mrs. Rita Linker, county librarian, acted as host.

The Bartow County Genealogical Society was officially organized on January 22, 1992. The following officers were elected: Jean Belew, President; Linda Gossett Cochran, Vice-President; Martha Hale; Secretary; and Jerry Bohannon, Treasurer. The groundwork and goals developed by its charter members have served the Society well. Shortly after the organization, the Society began to sponsor a Family Research Library that now houses numerous genealogical records.

Society Goals:

  1. Create an interest in genealogical research and local history by presenting informative programs
  2. Promote the collection and preservation of family records, manuscripts, and other documents of genealogical value
  3. Encourage and acquaint the Society members with sources of material and serve as a medium for exchange of genealogical information
  4. Publish and distribute information on records that has been collected

Publications for Sale:

  • Bartow County Georgia Heritage Book, Volume I and II
  • Favorites From Our Table Cookbook
  • Bartow County Genealogical Society Quarterly,1992-2013

Miscellaneous Genealogy:

Table of Contents for Winter 2013 Quarterly:

1. Membership Roll of the First Baptist Church, 1917

2. Picture Gallery for Richard R Hargis

3. Newspaper Abstracts from the Cartersville News, 1913

4. Bartow County Postmasters 1857-1876; picture of Old Historic Cassville Post Office

5. Justices and Notaries Public for Kingston and Pine Log Districts

6. Survey and Plat for FJ Mayson

7. Cass County Court Minutes, May Term 1855

8. Commissioners of Roads, 1870

9. Court of Ordinary Minutes, July 1858

10. Christmas Ads Published in the Tribune News, 1919

11. Old Postcards of Cartersville, Georgia

Bartow County, Georgia Residents Who Applied for Presidential Amnesty, 1865-1867

1. Akin, Warren, member of Confederate Congress

2. Barrett, Eli, rebel postmaster

3. Bates, Gustavus, taxable property over $20,000

4. Benham, Willis, taxable propertyover $20,000

5. Brooks, William W., rebel county tax assessor

6. Burge, William T., taxable property over $20,000

7. Cunyus, Daniel, taxable property over $20,000

8. Davis, Israel P., taxable property over $20,000

9. Field, Elias E., taxable property over $20,000

10. Fitten, John H., taxable property over $20,000

11. Howard, Nathan, rebel postmaster

12. Howard, Mrs. Susan J., taxable property over $20,000

13. King, Noah, taxable property over $20,000

14. Lewis, John Wm., member of Confederate Congress/taxableproperty over $20,000

15. Milam, Riley, rebel tax assessor

16. Milner, A.J., rebel tax collector

17. Milner, James, rebel commissioner of claims

18. Milner, Wm., taxable property over $20,000

19. Morrison, Albert Franklin, rebel deputy postmaster

20. Rowland, Mrs. Frances M. taxable property over $20,000

21. Rowland, John L., taxable property over $20,000

22. Rowland, William L., taxable property over $20,000

23. Sproull, James C., taxable property over $20,000

24. Trammell, Caswell, proceedings instituted because of confiscation of land

25. Trimble, Augustus, taxable property over $20,000

26. Tumlin, Lewis, taxable property over $20,000

27. Wikle, John L., rebel postmaster

28. Wofford, William T., rebel brigadier general

29. Young, Pierce M.B., graduate of West Point/rebel brigadier general

30. Young, Robert M., taxable property over $20,000

Bartow County Wills:

Page 370
Georgia, Bartow County

I William H. Felton, of said State and County, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make declare and publish this my last will and testament revoking all others.

Item First. On January 6th 1866 my father, John Felton now deceased, conveyed to me by deed, a certain tract or settlement of land to have and enjoy during my life and to give and dispose of and divide by my will to my heirs at law. Said land situated in said county and lying partly in the fourth district and third section and partly in the fifth district and third section and containing six hundred acres, more or less. Therefore , in obedience to the wishes and directions of my said father, I now give and divide and distribute said land to my two surviving children, namely Mrs. Ann A. Gibbons and Howard Erwin Felton, as will appear in items second and third of this will.

Item Second. I give bequeath and devise to my said daughter Ann A. Gibbon, the following property to wit: lots of land Nos. twenty one (21) twenty two (22), twenty three (23), twenty four (24) twenty five (25), fifty (50) fifty one (51) and fifty two (52) each containing forty acres, more or less, all lying in the fourth district and third section of said county and east of the middle of the run of Pettit's Creek. Lot fifty one (51) is the old homestead lot and included the dwelling house and out building on said lot and also the family burial place all of which add largely to the value of said property. It is my desire that said daughter shall have said burial place properly protected and cared for, and that my wife, Rebecca A. Felton, and my son, Howard E. Felton may have access to the burial place and liberty to remove the dust of John, Mary Ella, William and Paul the children of Wm. H. and Rebecca A. Felton, if they desire to do so at any subsequent time. I have previously given to my said daughter in 1875, for her sole and separate use, besides various sums of money at different times, one bond of the Memphis and Charleston Railroad, for one thousand dollars, with coupons attached.
In 1859, I became trustee for my said daughter, then unmarried and a minor and as such trustee there came into my hands, the sum of four hundred and sixty dollars, which had been given her by her uncle William E. Carlton, of Clarke County, Georgia. This trust fund except eleven dollars and forty cents, was invested by me by authority of law, in interest bearing confederate bonds. The eleven dollars and forty cents being confederate money, became worthless at the close of the war. My return as said trustee, dated February 19, 1874, is of record in the Ordinary's office of said Bartow County, in Book N of returns, page 515, and shows the details of this entire transaction. The property herein willed to my daughter, A. A. Gibbons, I give for her sole and separate use while living, to be given to her children at her death, free from debts, contracts and liabilities or the debts, contracts and liabilities of any other person whatsoever, and to be divided between her children according to her last will and testament.

Item Third. I give, bequeath and devise to my said son Howard E. Felton, that portion of land lot No (198) one hundred and ninety eight in the fifth district and third section of said Bartow county, which lies east of the middle of the run of Pettit's Creek containing seventy one(71) acres, more or less, also lots Nos forty nine (49), ninety four (94) ninety five (95), one hundred and twenty three (123) and twenty six (26) in the fourth district and third section, and the north half of lot twenty-three (23) in the fourth district and third section. This property is given to my son Howard E. Felton in trust for his children those that may be living at the time of his death free from his debts or liabilities or from the debts and liabilities of any other person whatsoever. Howard E. Felton is to enjoy the rents, profits and advantages of this property among his life and he shall divide the property among his children, by his last will and testament. As will be seen I have not given to my son equal share in the division of this estate. I therefore request that my wife, Rebecca A. Felton, also his mother, make equitable provision for our said son by will or otherwise. My said son having at my earnest request remained with me, and near me, since he attained his majority. I wish here to return my thanks to him, for the kindness to me.
I have given the right of way through these lands to the Louisville and Nashville Railroad because I felt convinced that this gift would enhance the value of the property to my heirs at law. I wish my daughter and son to confirm the title to this right of way in respect and obedience to their father's desire, to do what is best for their property.

Item Fourth. My wife Rebecca A. Felton has been my untiring assistant and efficient helpmeet in my every work and enterprise for more than a half a century. She has contributed largely to every success that has blessed my life. She merits all I have given, sold or conveyed to her by deed or otherwise. It is a pleasant duty to provide for her, who has aided so materially in the accumulation of the means with which God has blessed us.
I give therefore bequeath and devise to her, in addition to the provisions which I have heretofore and otherwise made for her support, the following property to wit: All my live stock
horses mules cows poultry, hogs, etc., and all my household and kitchen furniture, all my farm implements, vehicles, tools of every description, all growing or matured crops or(sic) my land at the time of my death. All my books, papers of every kind or character that may belong to me at my death. It being my desire to secure her from want and enable her comforts for herself as long as she may be living.

Item Fifth. I hereby appoint and constitute my beloved wife, Rebecca A. Felton, executrix of this my last will and testament. And it is my will that they be no appraisement of my estate, and that my executrix be not required to make annual returns or Bond

This the 12th day of April nineteen hundred and five. W.H. Felton

Signed, declared and published by WM Felton, as his last will and testament in the presence of us the subscribers, who subscribe our names hereto, in the presence of said testator at his special instance and request and of each other, he signing in our presence and we signing in his presence. L.S. Munford
J.G. Lowry
J.H. Gilreath
The word "or bond" was inserted before signing, also the words "revoking all others."

Page 373, Georgia, Bartow County
October 4th 1909
I do solemnly swear that this writing contains the true last will of the within named W.H. Felton,
deceased so far as I know or believe and that I will well and truly execute the same in accordance with the laws of this state—so help me God.
Rebecca A. Felton
Sworn to and subscribed before me this Oct. 4th, 1909
G.W. Hendricks Ordinary

Newspaper Abstract:

Cassville Standard, Feb. 9, 1854

Prohibition Meeting in Cass Tuesday: Doct. W.J. Benham. Col. Z. Edwards, J.R. Parrott, Col. W. Akin, John H. Rice, Rev. R.A. Milner, J.J. Howard. Rev. A.W. Buford. E. L. Hamilton, Rev. J.W. Givens, Rev. C.A. Crowell. Prohibition meeting resolved to support George W. Tumlin for senator and Joseph Bogle and Elisha King as representatives

The prohibition meeting selected the following delegates:
John H. Rice, E.L. Hamilton, Benjamin Brantley, G.W. Tumlin, W.H. Felton, Joel Foster, J.J. Howard, I.W. Givins, W.J. Benham, Elisha King, M.J. Murphy, R.H. Jones, D.M. Hood, John Greenwood, Alexander Todd, John W. Hooper, A.W. Buford, John A. Terrell, Wm. Bradley, W.V. Wester, A.C. Trimble, R.A Milner, J.R Towers