Bavaria Units Of Measure

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Units of Measure in Bavaria in 1800s


Gulden The basic unit of money. In the original sources often abbreviate as fl.
Florin Same as a Gulden
Thaler 1½ Gulden
Kreutzer 1/60 Gulden. In original sources often abbreviated as kr. or x.
Pfennige 1/210 Gulden, or 3½ Pfennige = 1 Kreutzer.
Heller ½ Pfennig

Square Land Measures

Morgen 0.78 acres
Tagwerk 1½ Morgen, or 1.17 acres
Viertel ¼ Morgen

Linear Land Measures

Fuss 0.958 feet
Shuhe Same as a Fuss
Rute 10 Fuss, or 9.58 feet
Elle 1/12 Rute or 0.798 feet

Length and Height Measures

Schuh 0.958 feet, same as a Fuss
Zoll 1/12 Schuh
Linie 1/12 Zoll

Volume Measures

Metzen 20.45 Liters
Malter 8 Metzen


Pfund 500 Grams

Firewood Measures

Klafter 117.92 cubic feet of wood. For comparison, a cord is 128 cubic feet of wood.