Birth marriage and death informtion for Saxony

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The records of the former Kirchenbuchamt Dresden, the church district Meißen, Flöha, and Stollberg have been filmed. For the former church district Dippoldiswalde the filming is in progress. For a detailed listing of parishes see the mega data list at or To accress actual records, contact:

Regionalkirchenamt Dresden

für die Kirchenbezirke Bautzen, Dresden Mitte, Dresden Nord, Freiberg, Meißen-Großenhain, Kamenz, Löbau-Zittau and Pirna

Kreuzstr. 7
01067 Dresden

Telefon: 0351 4923-346
Telefax: 0351 4923-348
Ansprechpartner: OKR Jörg am Rhein

For church records not yet filmed, contact the local parish in whose jurisdiction your ancestor resided.

Finding a birth/baptismal, marriage, death/burial in Evangelical church records

My ancestor was born in....Where will I find a birth record?

1. Check which parish was responsible for recording your ancestor's birth by verifying locations at onlineHistorisches Ortsverzeichnis von Sachsen. Click on Orte (localities), enter your locality and check Nr. 7 of the menu (Kirchliche Organisation). This section will give you time frames telling you when a locality was part of a given parish.

2. Check your parish against the listings in Kirchenbuchportal/ If you think your parish belongs to the church districts of Bautzen, Dresden city center, Dresden north, Freiberg, Meißen-Großenhain, Kamenz, Löbau-Zittau or Pirna write a request to the Regionalkirchenamt Dresden using the suggestions in the German Letter-writing-guide.