Brunswick Archives and Libraries

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Here is a link to the archive and library addresses in Germany, including Braunschweig

The city archive of Braunschweig contains the following:

The Urkundenarchiv (record archive) has guild and church records.

The Alte Ratsarchiv (city council records)  houses city records, bills and other records up tp 1671.

The Ältere Magistratsarchiv (older magistrate records 1671-1825) are the citizenship records, trade registers and archival records of the French occupation.

The Jüngere Magistratsarchiv (younger magistrate records 1825-1930) are the Registration Office (Einwohner-/Meldeamt) records, city administrations and wills.

The Sonderarchiv ( non-city archival records) has estate records and church books.

The Sammlungen (collections) have funeral sermons and Ahnentafeln.