Brunswick Church Records

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The church books of the Herzogtum Braunschweig, beginning in 1569 are housed in

  • Niedersächsisches Landesarchiv, department Staatsarchiv Wolfenbüttel: oldest church books up to 1814
  • Church parishes (Kirchengemeinden): church books from 1815 on or older until present time
  • Landeskirchliche Archiv Wolfenbüttel: Deposits of parishes from 1815 on (or earlier) until around 1920
  • Stadtarchiv Braunschweig: the older church books of the city of Braunschweig up to 1830


Note: To acquire records from the above mentioned archives the following has to be observed:

The archival materials are available 30 years after a given volume of recordings has been finished and when the therein mentioned persons have been dead for 10 years. If the death dates are not known, the period of closure ends with 100 years after birth. There do not exist family or name registers for the entire region of the Landeskirche (Evang. Church). Therefore, it is vital to know the place of origin of an ancestor with reference to the county, province and state. It is not sufficient to say that the ancestor is from "Braunschweig/Brunswick". This refers to the land/duchy of Braunschweig which existed until 1946. Unless the ancestor was actually from the city of Braunschweig, Braunschweig always refers to the state of Braunschweig and the exact locality of origin needs to be known.