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In Brazil, members of the noble class were entitled to bear coats of arms. The Portuguese kings rewarded persons who performed a heroic deed, attained notable achievement, or held a prominent position in government by granting them a noble title and the right to use a coat of arms. These grants were documented.

Various authors in Brazil have prepared heraldry books. Heraldry books give descriptions of coats of arms and some information on the first person to bear it. It may briefly describe the person’s entitlement to that coat of arms. It may also note early bearers of that coat of arms, sometimes with relationships, birth dates, and other genealogical information. Each armorial (a book on heraldry) will differ from others and will include different names. The following sources are of particular interest in Brazil:

Boletim (Bulletin). Rio de Janeiro: Colégio de Armas e Consulta Heráldica, 1955. (FHL book 981 B2c)

Moya, Salvador de. Simbologia Heráldica (Heraldic Simbolism). São Paulo: Instituto Genealógico Latino, 1961. (FHL book 981 D6m) This publication gives many coats of arms.

The Family History Library has some armorials. These are listed in the Family History Library Catalog under:


Sources with information about noble ancestors may also be listed in the Family History Library Catalog under:


In addition, such families are often subjects of published genealogical books or articles. See the "Genealogy" and "Nobility" sections of this outline.