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Most genealogical and historical societies in Brazil publish magazines or newsletters. The articles often include:

  • Family genealogies and pedigrees.
  • Transcripts of church records, migration lists, and cemetery records.
  • Helpful articles on research methodology.
  • Information about local records, archives, and services.
  • Book advertisements and book reviews.
  • Research advertisements.

Queries or requests for information about specific ancestors that can help you contact other interested researchers.

These are usually in Portuguese. Much of their content is devoted to compiled genealogies of local families. They also are an excellent place to publish queries or advertisements for a lost ancestor from Brazil.

Genealogical publications have been published by the Brazilian Genealogical Institute, Institute of Genealogical Studies, and Association of Arms and Heraldry:

Anuário genealógico brasileiro (Yearbook of Brazilian Genealogy). 10 vols. São Paulo: Instituto Genealógico Brasileiro. (FHL book 981 D2a; films 0823687–0823690)

Revista genealógica brasileira (Brazilian Genealogical Review). 18 pts. São Paulo: Instituto Genealógico Brasileiro, 1940–1948. (FHL book 981 B2b; film 0962536, 0973038–0973040)

Revista do Instituto de Estudos Genealógicos (Institute of Genealogical Studies Review). 7 vols. São Paulo: Instituto de Estudos Genealógicos, 1937–1943. (FHL book 981 B2r)

Boletim (Bulletin). 4 vols. S.l.: O Colégio, 1955–. (FHL book 981 B2c) The text is in Portuguese, English, French, German, and Spanish.

In addition, state and regional publications may also be available. Two examples of these can be found at the Family History Library:

Origens: boletim informativo do Instituto Genealógico do Rio Grande do Sul (Origins: Bulletin of the Rio Grande do Sul Genealogical Institute). Porto Alegre, Brasil: O Instituto, 1988–. (FHL book 981.65 D25o)

Revista do Instituto Histórico e Geográfico de São Paulo (Institute of History and Geography for São Paulo Review). Vol. 23 (1925), Vol. 44 (1944). São Paulo: O Instituto, 1894–. (FHL film 1389859 item 5 and 1389859 item 6)

A helpful list of periodicals published in Brazil is:

Periódicos brasileiros em microformas: catálogo coletivo, 1984 (Brazilian Periodicals in Microform: Catalog Collection, 1984). Rio de Janeiro: Biblioteca Nacional, 1985. (FHL book 981 B23p)

Obtaining Periodicals

Copies of periodicals are available from the local societies that publish them. Major archives with genealogical collections will have copies of many periodicals, particularly those representing the area they serve. See also the "Societies" section of this outline.