British Columbia Minorities

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Canada Gotoarrow.png British Columbia Gotoarrow.png British Columbia Minorities

Ethno-Cultural Groups in Canada

For guides to relevant Canadian records for some groups, see Ethno-Cultural Groups topics at Library and Archives Canada,  Includes Acadians, Blacks, Chinese, Doukhobors, Dutch, East Indians, Finns, Germans, Greeks, Irish, Italians, Japanese, Jews, Métis, Poles, Russians, Scots and Ukrainians.

See Multicultural Canada, Simon Fraser University for digitized newspapers and other digital collections.

Black Genealogy and History in British Columbia

British Columbia Black History Awareness Society

Black History in British Columbia, video on 1950s emigration to BC, Provincial Capital Commission.

Black History in British Columbia, Historica. Links to articles and websites, includes family histories.

Chinese-Canadian Genealogy and History in British Columbia

Chinese-Canadian Genealogy website, Vancouver Public Library. Information on researching records unique to Chinese Canadians, for example, head tax records and on researching names.

Siyi Genealogy, for research into families from Guangdong, China. Research articles, albums, forum.

The Chinese Canadian Experience in British Columbia, 1850-1950, on-line exhibit and digital collections, University of British Columbia Library, Vancouver, BC.

Chinese Canadian Historical Society of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.

Chinese Canadian Military Museum Society, Vancouver, BC.

Doukhobor Genealogy and History in British Columbia

Doukhobor Genealogy Website, settlement history, membership lists, cemeteries and more.

Japanese-Canadian Genealogy and History in British Columbia

Nikkei National Museum, Burnaby, BC, digital collections, oral history, library and archives.

Kaslo, WW II, BC Japanese Canadian Museum, on-line exhibit.