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| [[Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives]]  
| [[Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives]]  
| [[Www.agra.org.uk]]  
| [http://www.agra.org.uk/ www.agra.org.uk/]  
| LinkedIn Twitter  
| LinkedIn Twitter  
| info@agra.org.uk  
| info@agra.org.uk  

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Name of Society

Website Social Media Contact Information Publications in FHL
Alloway & Southern Ayrshire Family History Society www.asafhs.co.uk Blogs on website secretary@asafhs.co.uk
Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives www.agra.org.uk/ LinkedIn Twitter info@agra.org.uk
Australian Institute of Studies Www.aigs.org.au info@aigs.org.au
Bristol & Avon Family History Society Www.BAFHS.org.uk Facebook enquiries@bafhs.org.uk
The Braund Society Www.braundsociety.org Facebook Twitter braund@one-name.org]]
Buckie and District Fishing Heritage Centre - Family History Www.buckieheritage.org
The Butler Society Www.butler-soc.org Facebook
Cambridgeshire Family History Society Www.cfhs.org.uk
Cardiganshire Family History Society Www.cgnfs.org.uk Facebook ymholidau@cgnfhs.org.uk
Devon Family History Society Www.devonfhs.org.uk Facebook chairman@devonfhs.org.uk
East of London Family History Society Www.eolfhs.org.uk society.secretary@eolfhs.org.uk
Federation of Family History Societies Www.ffhs.org admin@ffhs.org.uk
Glamorgan Family History Society Www.glamfhs.org Facebook Flickr Twitter
The Glasgow and West of Scotland Family History Society Www.gwsfhs.org.uk correspondence@gwsfhs.org.uk
Huddersfield and District Family History Society Www.hdfhs.org.uk secretary@hdfhs.org.uk
Irish Ancestry Research Centre Www.irisharc.org Facebook
The Irish Genealogical Research Society Www.irishancestors.ie Facebook info@igrsoc.org
Isle of Wight Family History Society Www.isle-of-wight-fhs.org.uk facebook Twitter publicity.manager@isle-of-wightfhls
London Group of Yorkshire Family History Societies Www.yorkslondongroup.tumblr.com TUMBLR igyfhs@virginmedia.com
Lothians Family History Society Www.lothiansfhs.org.uk
North of Ireland Family History Society Www.nifhs.org Facebook chair@nifhs.org
North Meols (Southport) Family History Society Www.nmfhssouthport.co.uk secretary@nmfhssouthport.co.uk
North West Kent Family History Society Www.wnkfhs.org.uk Facebook publicity.manager@isle-of-wight-fhls
Nuneaton and North Warwickshire Family History Society Www.nnwfhs Facebook
Pontefract and District Family History Society Www.pontefractfhs.org.uk vicechair@pontefractfhs.org.uk
RootsChat.com Www.RootsChat.com Facebook
Somerset and Dorset Family History Society Www.sdfhs.org.uk sdfhs@btconnect.com
Suffolk Family History Society Www.suffolkfhs.co.uk
Tay Valley Family History Society Tayvalleyfhs.org.uk
Waltham Family History Society Www.wffhs.org.uk
West Surrey Family History Society Www.sfhs.org secretary@wsfhs.org
Wharfdale Family History group Www.wharfdalefhg.org chairman@wharfdale.org.uk
Wiltshire Family History Society Www.wiltshirefhs.co.uk secretary@wiltshirefhs.co.uk