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== British Royal Artillery <br> ==
== British Royal Artillery <br> ==
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Cliffecastlemus 051.jpgBritish Military Crests and Badges

The above display is of various Military Cap Badges located in the first floor corridor in the Cliffe Castle Museum in Keighley, West Yorkshire, England. Using the link and going to full resolution, one can view the actual names on some of the labels.

To aid in identifying different regiments, various crests, colors, badges, etc. were adopted by each regiment. These insignas help in identifying the correct regiment to look for an ancestor. There are a number of publications as well as online references to aid in identifying the exact regiment connected with the military crest or badge left behind by those ancestors who fought so bravely for their country.

Identification Aids

British Army 

British Royal Air Force

British Royal Marines 

British Royal Navy 

British Royal Artillery

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