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When you begin family history research in the British Isles, ask yourself what others have already done. Determining what research has already been accomplished by others, including your own family members, can save you time and help avoid unnecessary duplication of work. Check with family members for information first, and then begin your search to see what others have done. Research in original British records is difficult if you do not know where your ancestor came from. Fortunately, these sources may provide you with a place of origin.

Here is a select list of sources to find published family histories and records of research done by others. Many other sources exist, but start with these.

Web sites

The following Web sites are two places to look to see what British research has already been compiled.

1. Search for the names of your English ancestry.

2. Search to view information in their UK Collection.

Family Histories

Search catalogs from various libraries to see the British family histories that are in their collections. Here are a few collections to search.

·         Family History Library

·         Society of Genealogists

·         Allen County Public Library

·         Mid-Continent Public Library

·         St. Louis County Library

Other libraries and archives may have collections of family histories. Check their Web sites to see if there are online catalogs that you can search. One way to find Internet links is to use a search engine, such as Google, and search for the name of the institution or the locality.


The following biographies are two of many that exist.

British and Irish Biographies, 1840-1940, published by Chadwick-Healey Ltd, contains entries from 138 sources published between 1840 and 1940. It contains an index that lists all persons and families included in the biographies.

The National Dictionary of Biography, edited by L. Stephen & S. Lee, contains posthumous sketches of more than 32,000 notable Britains.

Registries for Research Exchange

The following sources list individuals and groups who are willing to share the results of their research.

Genealogical Research Directory (GRD), edited by K. Johnson and M. Sainty. This directory lists thousands of family historians worldwide and the surnames they are researching. There are several editions; be sure to check them all.

British Isles'Genealogical Register

This register is known as BIG-R. It was created by the Federation of Family History Societies in England.

Directories of Members’ Interests

These directories are published by some individual family history societies in the British Isles. They list surnames which their members are interested in or are researching. The Register of One Name Studieslists groups that specialize in the research on one surname.