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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bromley,_Bromley http://www.bromley.gov.uk/info/200064/local_history_and_heritage/377/local_studies_library_and_archives  
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bromley,_Bromley http://www.bromley.gov.uk/info/200064/local_history_and_heritage/377/local_studies_library_and_archives  
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[[Category:England]] [[Category:Kent]][[Category:Archives and Libraries in Kent]]

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Earliest History

The Bromley Local Studies Library is located in the London Borough of Bromley in south east London. Originally Bromley was a small market town chartered in 1158 and an ancient parish in Kent. The area itself has a historically significant history. Incorporated as a municipal borough in 1903, it has formed part of Greater London since 1965. With its ancient history, it is a most appropriate place to house the extensive Bromley Local Studies Library.

The Library

The Bromley Local Studies Library and Archives is located at the Central Library on High Street in the borough of Bromley, BR1 1EX. It is housed in the second floor of the library. It is open to anyone from anywhere in the world who wishes to find information about both family and local history. In the many records and collections held at the Bromley, the genealogist can find an outstanding resource for information about the places, people and events that make up the extensive history of Bromley. Visitors are requested to  become members of the library before accessing computer based resources. Their home page has a handy "sign in" feature.

Contents of the Library Records

  • Business papers
  • Estate papers
  • Parish records for the Deaneries of Bromley,Beckenham and Orpington
  • Personal papers
  • School records
  • Workhouse records

Contents of the Library Collections


  • Books
  • Maps
  • Historical photographs and illustrations
  • Local newspapers and magazines
  • Council minutes and publications
  • Electoral registers
  • Historical street directories
  • Property sales catalogs
  • Multi Media resources
  • Free internet access
  • Free wi-fi access
  • Microfiche and microfilm reader/scanner and printer
  • Free lap top plug-ins
  • Free access to Ancestry Library Edition, the major online resource for family history research.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bromley,_Bromley http://www.bromley.gov.uk/info/200064/local_history_and_heritage/377/local_studies_library_and_archives