Buckingham County, Virginia Compiled Genealogies

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United States  Gotoarrow.png  Virginia  Gotoarrow.png  Buckingham County Gotoarrow.png   Buckingham County Genealogy

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It is anticipated that this bibliography will eventually identify all known family histories published about residents of this county. Use this list to:

  • Locate publications about direct ancestors
  • Find the most updated accounts of an ancestor's family
  • Identify publications, to quote Elizabeth Shown Mills, about an ancestor's "FAN Club" [Friends, Associates, and Neighbors]


As of November 2010, a query for individuals born in Buckingham, Virginia at World Connect, results in more than 50,000 entries.

Buckingham County, Virginia Surnames (courtesy: Linkpendium) contains links to more than 75 online resources about this county's families, including compiled genealogies.

Compiled genealogies treating multiple families in Buckingham County include:

  • Ward, Roger G. A Rich Heritage: The Porr Family of Henrico County, Virginia and the Moss Family of Buckingham County, Virginia Allied Families in Richmond and Henrico County Include Hertzberger, Rahm, Collins, Crittenden, Jordan, Stubbs, Hudson, Williams, Cocke and Huddlesy: Allied Families in Buckingham County Include Meador, Wilkinson, Whitlow, Sharpe, Pendleton, and the Berry, Mann, and Thomas Families of Prince Edward County. Chandler, Ariz.: R.G. Ward, 1991. FHL 1697602 Item 3
  • Whitley, Edythe Johns Rucker. Genealogical Records of Buckingham County, Virginia. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1984. FHL Collection; and World Vital Records ($).


  • [Adcock] Lawless, Blanche Elizabeth Adcock. A Family History: Adcock, John, of Buckingham County, Virginia: Some of His Descendants: With Collateral Lines: Christian, McMurtry, Robertson, Ingersoll, etc. Mount Sterling, Ill.: B.E.A. Lawless, 1968. FHL 896809 Item 8
  • [Adcock] Nelson, George H. Adcock [1790-1966]. MSS. Microfilmed 1973: FHL Film 924842 Item 8.
  • [Adcock] Lawless, Blanche Elizabeth Adcock. A Family History: Adcock, John of Buckingham County, VA: Some of His Descendants: With Collateral Lines: Christian, McMurtry, Robertson, Ingersoll, etc. Mount Sterling, Ill.: B.E. Lawless, 1973. FHL 929.273 Ad19Lb
  • [Adcock] Dunnaway, Hilary. Adcock. Topeka, Kan.: H. Dunnaway, 1980?. FHL Film 1035843 Item 5.
  • [Adcock] Lawless, Blanche Elizabeth Adcock. Supplement to A Family History: Adcock, John of Buckingham County, VA., Some of His Descendants, with Collateral Lines. Mount Sterling, Ill.: M.P. Aubertin, 1986. FHL 929.273 A1 no. 1156
  • [Adcock] Lawless, Carolyn Elizabeth and Mary Price Aubertin. Second Supplement (1973-1998) to A Family History: Adcock, John of Buckingham County, VA., Some of His Descendants, with Collateral Lines - Christian, McMurtry, Robertson, Ingersoll, Etc. (Written by Lawless, Blanche Elizabeth Adcock, 1973). Mount Sterling, Ill.: C.E. Lawless, 1998. FHL 929.273 Ad19Lb supp. 2
  • [Agee] Agee, Louis N. The Agee Register: A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Mathieu Agee, A Huguenot Refugee to Virginia. Farmville, Va.: Mrs. L.N. Agee, 1982. FHL Book 929.273 Ag32aL
  • [Akers] Akers, Ronald L. A Westward Journey: The Akers from Virginia to Washington: Including Data on Charles, McCoy, Range, Smith, Howell, Klepper, Mead(e), Humphreys, Bowman, Lorton, Rhoade, Dickson, Ronimus, Carr, Steel/Stahl, Blackburn, Abrell/Abrahall, Coons/Kones, Isbell, Wine/Wein, Worrall, Meyer, Horn, Tye, Dagen, Suss & Humpert Families. Hawthorne, Calif.: R.L. Akers, 1998. FHL Book 929.273 Ak37ar
  • [Ayres] White, Paul R. Taproots: A Virginia and Carolina Legacy. Memphis, Tenn.: P.R. White, 1978. FHL Fiche 6093979; 1986 edition: FHL Book 929.273 Ay74w.
  • [Ayres] Ball, Helen A. Ann Elizabeth Rose (Wife of Benjamin Franklin Ball), Her Ancestors and Descendants. 2 vols. East Lansing, Mich.: H.A. Ball, 1982. FHL Book 929.273 R72bh v. 1-v. 2.
  • [Ballowe] Ballowe, Patricia Jewell. Ballowe Genealogy the Descendants of Eli P. Ballowe and Sarah Howard Winfrey of Buckingham County, Virginia; Their Fourteen Children were Born Between 1813 and 1838 in Virginia and Tennessee: Also the Descendants of William Ballowe, Born 1791, VA to Paducah, KY and Col. Thomas Ballowe, Born Before 1779, VA. Richland, Wash.: P.J. Ballowe, 2003. FHL 929.273 B214bp
  • [Biard] Smith, Maud Biard. The Biard Family. Paris, Tex.: M. B. Smith, 1954. Digital version at Family History Archives; FHL Film 1033942 Item 8.
  • [Boaz] Boaz, Thurmond DeWitte and Ruth Mae Cunningham Morgan. Edmond Boaz (1745-1817) and His Descendants. McLean, Va.: T.D. Boaz, Jr., 1988. Digital version at Family History Archives; FHL Collection.
  • [Bolling] Bolling, Robert, John Robertson, and John Randolph. A Memoir of the Bolling Family in England and Virginia. Richmond, Va.: W.H. Wade, 1868. FHL Film 103; digital version at Google Books.
  • [Bondurant] Jones, Roycroft Clifton and Mrs. Roycroft C. Jones. Descendants of Noah Bondurant. Haymarket, Va.: R.C. Jones, 1996. FHL Book 929.273 B64j.
  • [Carter] Bowman, Elby F. The Ancestors of Joseph Carter of Buckingham County, Virginia and Bath and Morgan Counties, Kentucky. Shell Knob, Missouri: E.F. Bowman, 1978. FHL 929.273 C245be
  • [Charlton] Charlton, Elizabeth Jane Dunkum. The Charltons of Buckingham County, Virginia. n.p.: E.J.D. Charlton, 1990. FHL 929.273 C381c
  • [Chastain] Chastain, Victor T. Chastains of Pickens County, South Carolina, 1790-1986: Ten Shilling Bell. Pickens, S.C.: V.T. Chastain, 1986. FHL Book 929.273 C388ch.
  • [Chaudoin] Smith, Gloria J. Cowan and Gertrude Anderson Chaudoin. Chaudoins of Virginia, 1750-1900. Baltimore, Md.: Gateway Press, 1995. FHL Book 929.273 C344s 1995
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  • [Cunningham] Roush, Carol Jo Cunningham. Generations Past, 1636-1997. [Leawood, Kan.]: C.J.C. Roush, [1997?]. FHL Book 929.273 C917rc.
  • [Curd] Curd, Thomas H.S. et al. 1981 Supplement to "The Curd Family in America": Original Text Compiled by Frank D. Fuller and Thomas H.S. Curd, 1938. Roanoke, Va.: T.H.S. Curd Jr., 1981. FHL Book 929.273 C922f 1981.
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  • [Diuguid] MacRae, Eleanor Harris. William Diuguid of Buckingham County, Virginia. Virginia Beach, Va.: E.H. MacRae, 1989. FHL 929.273 D64m
  • [du Breuil] See Dibrell.
  • [Evitt] Hockett, Thomas Jack and Janice M. Snead. The Evitt, Evat(t), Evet(t) Family of Essex, Buckingham, and Washington Counties, Virginia. MSS., microfilmed in 1991. FHL 1697545 Item 19
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  • [Evitt] Hockett, Thomas Jack. The Evitt, Evat(t), Evet(t), Evitts Family of Essex, Buckingham, and Washington Counties, Virginia: An Update of June 1995: Including Evitt (Evatt, Evitts, Ivett, etc.) Family Chronology. St. Davids, Pa.: J. Hockett, 1995. FHL 929.273 Ev39h
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  • [Forbes] Jones, Maben. Genealogical Chart of Mary Louisa Jones Forbes (1862-1938) of Buckingham and Cumberland Counties, Virginia. Typescript, 1956. FHL 873028 Item 2
  • [Francis] Coalston, Eula DeRees Francis. Our Francis Family and Relatives. Fulton, Miss.: E. Coalston, 1989. FHL Book 929.273 F847c.
  • [Gannaway] Woodruff, Howard W. Gannaway Family of Buckingham Co., Va.: 1725-1825. Springfield, Mo.: unknown, 1965. Digital version at Ancestry ($); and World Vital Records ($).
  • [Gannaway] Roberson, Rhonda S. "Gannaway Sketch," The Southwest Virginian, Vol. 2, No. 11 (October 1979):35-36. FHL Book 975.57 D25s v. 2 (1979).
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  • [Gilliam] Rosen, Carl Coleman and Richard Holland Gilliam. The Papers of Col. Richard H. Gilliam of Buckingham County, Virginia Various Documents, Lists and Loose Papers Dating from 1825 to 1870: with a Brief Genealogy of Col. Gilliam's Descendants. Westminster, Md.: Family Line Publications, 1992. FHL 975.5623 H2r
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[Watkins] Watkins Marie Oliver and Helen Hamacher Watkins.

  • [Watkins] Bhuta, Mary Watkins. Genealogy of the Watkins Family of Virginia and Missouri from 1957 to 1994: An Update to "Tearin' through the Wilderness" by Marie Oliver Watkins and Helen Hamacher Watkins. [Los Osos, Calif.]: M.W. Bhuta, c1994. FHL Book 929.273 W323wm supp..
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