Buhrkall Parish, Schleswig-Holstein, Preussen, Germany (Burkal, Denmark)

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Buhrkall parish, Schleswig-Holstein, Preussen, Germany is now Burkal, Denmark.

Civil Registration:

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Church Records:

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Military Records:

Sources in print:

Schmidt, A. Johanne Margrethe Kaysen og hendes slægt.  Ancestry of Johanne Margrethe Kaysen (1819-1849), daughter of Andreas Kaysen (1780-1833) and Karen Christensdatter. She was born in Lysholm, Burkal parish, Tønder co., Denmark.

Slægtsbog for efterkommere efter Peter Nissen i Ulvemose, Tinglev sogn, født 1814.  Ancestors and descendants of Peter Nissen (1814-1881), son of Peter Nissen (Jessen) and Maren Jepsdatter.  He was married in Burkal parish and has children born there.

Stamtavler over familien Nissen fra Burkal og København.  The Nissen family of Burkal parish, Tønder co., and København.