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*[[Nykirke, Norway|Nykirke]]  
*[[Nykirke, Norway|Nykirke]]  
*[[Opdal, see Uvdal, Norway|Opdal, see Uvdal]]  
*[[Opdal, Norway|Opdal]]  
*[[Rollag, Norway|Rollag]]  
*[[Rollag, Norway|Rollag]]  
*[[Røyken, Norway|Røyken]]  
*[[Røyken, Norway|Røyken]]  

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Norway > Buskerud County

Buskerud is a county in Norway, bordering Akershus, Oslo, Oppland, Sogn og Fjordane, Hordaland, Telemark, and Vestfold.

The county is conventionally divided into traditional districts. These are Eiker, Ringerike, Numedal and Hallingdal. Hønefoss is the district capital of Ringerike. Its western part is a mountainous plateau with forested valleys and high, grassy pastures; its eastern part contains a lowland basin with many lakes and streams.

Cities, Parishes and Clerical Districts in Buskerud County 

Map of Buskerud County

Map of Buskerud County (special thanks to James Hasleton for improving the image)


Family History Resources

Farm Books

Bygdebøker for Buskerud

Government Offices and Sites

Military Records 

Aker Dragoon Regiment 1767

Passenger Lists

Emigr. from Drammen 1880 with "Beta" to Hawaii

Emigr. from Drammen 1880 with "Beta" to Hawaii

Passport Journal for Hallingdal, 1856-1865

Register of in- and outmigrants from Bakke and Eiker, 1907-1919

Probate Records

Probate register for Drammen 1679-1819

Probate register for Kongsberg 1705-1801

Probate Jurisdictions

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