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Extinct or Renamed Counties: <br>[[Branciforte County, California|Branciforte]] | [[Klamath County, California|Klamath]]  
Extinct or Renamed Counties: <br>
[[Branciforte County, California|Branciforte]]{{·}} [[Klamath County, California|Klamath]]{{·}} [[Lake County, Nevada|Lake (Nevada)]]{{·}} [[Pahute County, Nevada|Pahute]]{{·}} [[Roop County, Nevada|Roop]]{{·}} [[Nataqua Territory|Nataqua Territory]]
== Research Tools  ==
== Research Tools  ==

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This article is about the western state of the United States. For other uses, see California (disambiguation).

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Welcome to California, The Golden State

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When the United States acquired California in 1848, it agreed to recognize earlier claims. A commission was established in 1852 to process the claims. The National Archives has these commission records, including petitions and translations of Spanish documents. These are indexed in J.N. Bowman, Index to the Spanish-Mexican Private Land Grant Records and Cases of California, 1958, Reprint (Berkeley, California: Bancroft Library, University of California, 1970; Family History Library film 833343).

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Extinct or Renamed Counties:
Branciforte · Klamath · Lake (Nevada) · Pahute · Roop · Nataqua Territory

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