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1901 Canadian Census is completely indexed and linked to the original images.

1906 Census for the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Indexing is still in progress. Linked to the images.

1911 Canadian Census. Indexing is still in progress. Linked to the images.

All three censuses can be accessed at

OR:  When using a computer at the FHL.

By using 'Canada and USA' Links.

Go to 'Canada General'.

Go to 'Census'.

Go to '1901',

Go to '1901 Census National Surname Index'.


Go to '1906' and then to '1906 Census Index'


Go to '1911' and then to '1911 Census Indexing',

Use these paths to access all three censuses. Anything else will take you to the National Archives of Canada site which is NOT indexed.

(Ignore the National Progress Summaries. Scroll down to the name box to enter a name. For the 1911 Census, you need to choose a province first. This will probably change as indexing is closer to completion. Scroll past the Soundex variations until you come to the list of names.)

Note: The Family History Library has the films for the 1901 and 1906 censuses in the census area, but not for the 1911 census.

Other Canadian Censuses Online.

1. Various townships and counties/districts have been indexed by individuals or genealogical societies for various years and placed on the Internet.

They can be accessed by going to on the address bar


By using 'Canada and USA' Links.

Go to 'Canada General'.

Go to 'Census'.

Go to 'Censusfinder - all free censuses online'.

Scroll down to 'Choose a Canadian Province'. Click on the provinces you wish to search.

Scroll to the county or district.

2. Indexes are available online to censuses for the Province of Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) for the years 1841, 1891 and 1901


For the Province of Newfoundland 1675-1945


For the Province of Quebec 1666-1906 (incomplete)

Go to 'Canada and USA' Links.

Go to 'Canada Provinces and Territories'.

Go to the Province you wish to search.

Go to 'Census'.

Click on the years you are searching.


By accessing Click on 'Canada Records'.

Browse the page for Census records.


Go to

Click on 'English'.

Click on 'Canadian Genealogy Centre'.

Click on at fb-as"EfgJ

An index to the 1871 Ontario census is on this site. All other census years show only the images with no index.

The National Archives site can also be accessed from the 'Canada and USA' Links.

Go to 'Canada General'

Go to 'Genealogy'.

Go to 'Canadian Genealogy Centre'.

Click on 'Databases'.

Scroll to 'Censuses'.