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Add the Deletion Request flag to a page or a section of a page that needs to be deleted for reasons other than inappropriate content issues. See the FamilySearch Wiki Policies page (items 28-31) and the Guiding Principles page for details about the Deletion policies and content guidelines.


  • Wiki users cannot delete pages, but they can add the request to delete by adding this Delete template to a page or a section of a page.
  • Add this Delete request template to a page by typing {{Delete}}
  • When the template is added to a page, the user should also add a note to explain why the page or section should be deleted.
  • Sections of a page/article could have the Delete template, or the template could be added for the whole page. Only the section(s) tagged with the Delete template should be deleted.


  • Monitor the deletion requests by selecting the option to Watch this category page.
  • Currently the Sysops are required to monitor this category page.
  • Moderators may choose to help monitor the deletion requests by watching this category page.
  • Only Sysops can delete entire pages or individual sections on a page that contain inappropriate content.
  • Only Sysops can delete pages or sections of a page without first adding the Delete template.

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