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<p><img src="/learn/wiki/en/images/5/58/Draig.png" _fck_mw_filename="Draig.png" _fck_mw_location="left" alt="Draig.png" class="fck_mw_left" /><b>Croeso i'r tudalen gategori Cymru</b> <br> <b>Welcome to the Wales category page</b>
[[Image:Draig.png|left|Draig.png]]'''Croeso i'r tudalen gategori Cymru''' <br> '''Welcome to the Wales category page'''
<span class="fck_mw_template">{{catmain|Wales}}</span>
<a _fcknotitle="true" href="Category:United_Kingdom">United_Kingdom</a> <a _fcknotitle="true" href="Category:Countries">Countries</a> <a _fcknotitle="true" href="Category:British_Isles">British_Isles</a>
[[Category:United_Kingdom]] [[Category:Countries]] [[Category:British_Isles]]

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Croeso i'r tudalen gategori Cymru
Welcome to the Wales category page
The main article for this category is Wales.