Schleswig-Holstein Census

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Census taking evolved from head and inventory count to wanting to know who received welfare and who in the household was blind, deaf, and dumb. Census taking was initiated by the Danish government and was implemented in Schleswig-Holstein somewhat close to census taking in Denmark proper. Read all about censuses in Schleswig-Holstein.

 Finding a census record in Schleswig-Holstein

My great-grandfather came from Adelbye in Schleswig-Holstein. Where would I find a census record for this village?

1.Determine what census did exist.

2. Determine which administration (Amt) had jurisdiction over Adelbye by looking at Schröder/Biernatzki

3. Find Adelbye, click on the red number, look for the  word Amt in the text. In this case it is Amt Flensburg.

4. Next, go to FamilySearch catalog, place search. Enter Flensburg and choose from the drop down list the census you need.  Let's say it is 1845. You want Flensburg Amt, not Kobstaeder (that is a census for the city of Flensburg). Flensburg Amt has jurisdiction over several localicites. From the dropdown list in the catalog choose the films that contain information for Adelbye which would be on film 39274.

5. When using film 39274, follow the steps outlined in the catalog. The film shows SCHLESWIG: FEHMARN AMT first and ends with Wanderup. Census information for Adelbye would be associated with Flensburg Amt.

6. Once you are in the film study the headings as outlined in "Searching Census Records."